What to do with D'Orsay heels that slip in back

  1. I puchased a beautiful pair of open toed black satin d'orsay heels. They are an 8.5 (the size I always wear in this brand), but they slip off my heel making it impossible to walk in without looking like I have a limp or something. What should I do?? I hate the idea of putting those inserts in because they are so unattractive and you would see it when I take them off, but is there anything else that can be done? I'm nervous to exchange them for an 8 because I'm worried they will be too small. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. They do have the heel inserts http://www.drscholls.com/forher/product.aspx?prodid=93&nid=1

    They are clear and they stick to the back of the heel. You honestly can't tell that they are there. My heels come out of all my shoes, I have narrow feet so I put these in and you can't even tell. They are not textured so they don't look obvious. My only advise is make sure you know where you want to stick them before you pull the back off. Once you put them in the shoe, they can be removed but they really don't stick that great a second time. It should not damage your shoe either if you pull them off, I did this to a pair of CL's and you couldn't even tell. They cost about $3.75. I hope it helps.
  3. I use the clear drscholls heel inserts too and I agree you really cant tell they are there. I tend to not have this problem with d'orsays but with high heel pumps mostly but in general I use it for all my shoes without straps. I find it very unattractive to have any type of shoe slipping off foot. :tdown:
  4. Ugh I suffered from this affliction all morning! I wore the $200 Manolo black patent d'Orsays out for the second time today. I'm usually an 8 but ordered the 8.5 and they fit fine the first time out...but they must have stretched a tiny bit and my heels were slipping out constantly :cursing:.

    I too use the Dr. Scholl's clear inserts for my higher-end heels, with footpetals too. No one would be able to tell that you're wearing them with yours.

    Okay I'm off to stick some in my Manolos :p
  5. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions. I'll definitely try that, and for now on, I'll try buying the 8 instead of the 8.5

    I'm off to buy those clear inserts!
  6. Those inserts work. I have them on my CL very prive shoes and no more heel slipping.
  7. Sometimes adding foot petals is enough to force your heel back and avoid slipping. The inserts are great too, but you might want to try foot petals first.

  8. In addition to the clear liners, I have one other suggestion to add to the great ones so far.

    I have brought shoes that slip off my heel to my cobbler, who stitches a little elastic inside the heel from left to right. It's hard to explain, but the elastic helps hold your foot in place and it also prevents the heel from stretching even more. I had seen this in some pairs of designer shoes, but never paid attention. It has worked for me so far.
  9. The Manolos I wore yesterday already have the elastic in the heel! But still didn't work :nogood:
  10. Oh, no!! That's horrible! Have you tried the heel petalz/Dr.Sholl's heel gripper solution, and did it work for you?!
  11. How fantastic!
    I'll inquire about this the next time I see my cobbler.
    Thanks. :flowers: