What to do with diamond studs?

  1. I am sure most people's answer will be "Give them to me" :lol: but seriously, need advice... I am saving up to upgrade my current pair. The problem is, I was an idiot when I bought them and didn't buy from a jeweler with an upgrade policy. :Push: Is there any way I can still put at least the current value of those diamonds toward my new earrings? Even though they are not the bling I dream of, they still cost a substantial amount of money (1.5 ct tw, H/VS2) so it would be great if I could find a way to sell or trade them in... I'm just worried I won't get much for them :crybaby:

    Anyone have experience with selling or trading in diamonds?
  2. Can you look for a jeweler that will trade them? Maybe yours won't but possibly another one would?
  3. Maybe you could have them reset in another piece of jewelry? (though i admit that "give them to me" was my first thought:graucho:)
  4. that's a great idea- for some reason, I totally didn't think of that. I would definitely consider that, if I can't find a jeweler who will trade them in...

    I don't really want to just sell them, because I know the resale value of diamonds is horrendous.
  5. You could have them set in a nice ring or something. I know that you probably wouldn't get what you paid for them otherwise.
  6. Definitely a great idea to reset them into something else b/c you will not get what you paid for them. Unfortunately, retail price is far different from resale price.:yes:
  7. I agree with either finding a jeweler that will use them as a trade or reset them into something else.
  8. i normally buy from the reputable jewellery boutique where you can upgrade them. and it's not advisable to trade your diamonds as the price they offer will be really really low especially when you bought it somewhere else. i was trying to sell my tennis bracelet long time ago and they offer me 27% from the original price!!! so i gave it to my sis instead!
  9. I would reset one into a ring and reset the other as a pendant
  10. That's a good idea!:yes: