what to do with coach perfume samples.....

  1. okay so somehow I ended up with about 15 coach perfume samples. I gave a couple away but still had about 12 left. I went to Sephora and bought an atomizer for $9. Then I went home and poured some of the bottles into it. Now I have Coach spray on the go with me whenever I want. I also have a coach purse spray that I got at the pce back in April but it's still new in the box and that cost $42 while my little creation here only cost me $9 + tax.

    So ladies if you have a ton of perfume samples, go to sephora and get one of these. They are so cool! Oh and be careful taking the tops off the sample bottles....the spray part and the spring come off easy but then you need some pliers to take out the plastic piece and each time you do, you get a tiny bit of perfume splattered on you, so I recommend not wearing something nice when you do this and doing it before you take a shower!!

    You could also fill it up by spraying it in the bottle but that kinda gets messy and takes longer. All I know is I did about 4 samples in there and now all I can smell in coach perfume! wow, it's strong!

    It comes in a black travel bag and with a funnel. I will post an actual pic in a minute.


  2. What a great idea!!
  3. I've got a dozen or so samples (plus the purse perfume spray, like yours)...I love your idea!
  4. Yes, great idea. I can smell it from here LOL!! :nuts:
  5. believe me, you probably could.........I need to open up some windows to air out my bathroom.

    ok mental note *next time do this outside* hehe. :yes:

    oh and for those wondering, this sephora bottle is 4.5 ml while the purse spray is 8ml, so it's pretty much 1/5 the price and 1/2 the perfume amount. Plus the samples are FREE!!
  6. What an awesome idea! I love that little atomizer!! Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to hear what your DH got you from Tiffany!!! Please share when you open them!!!!!
  7. WOW look at you!!!! Rock on!! Great idea!
  8. ahhh I can't wait either!! He's so mean, he even left the receipt on the counter and he knows I'm a snooper! But I really want to be surprised this year so I have not looked and I swear IT'S KILLING ME!!

    I finally had to put the bag away in the safe just so I wouldn't have to keep looking at it.

    He said I could open one last night but I want to wait. Every year I always open my presents early be it for my bday or xmas then when the day comes I have nothing to open so I get sad.......so this year I decided that I'm gonna be patient and wait!! :popcorn:
  9. I do the same thing! I make bath and body products occasionally and bought atomizers in bulk one time. What I do now, is each time I buy a new perfume, I decant it into one of these and label it. Then I have all purse sizes to carry and I keep the original bottle in it's box and stored properly so it will last.

    I've acquired so many Coach samples, that I filled up 2 little sprayers with a few samples left over!

    (BTW, there are many bottle and bath/body suppliers that sell these in bulk. You can buy as few as 1 or 12 or more if you want to decant your perfumes. They're also on eBay.)
  10. that's an awesome idea!!:yes:
  11. I love tips like this. I agree with everyone else, what an awesome idea! I got a few of those samples myself, and haven't used them yet. Thank you for sharing your ingenuity with us! :smile:
  12. WOW, this is a great idea!! Thanks for the tips!
  13. Great idea!!
  14. What an ingenious idea!
  15. OooHhhh this sounds like a grand idea...I have a whole makeup bag full of Chanel/Vera/Curve..and some others..I got these at a macy's grand opening...and that is a good idea...Thx!