What to do with buyer who refuse to pay with any unreasonable reason??

  1. First, I'm sorry to post this similiar thread but within 2 days, I encountered sooo bad buyers who BIN my Cherry Blossom. The first winner of Cherry Blossom Papillon has agreed to send me payment by check-I appreciate much her good faith to complete this transaction BUT another winner of my Cherry BLossom Retro ( imagine, I sold her $705 only + $45 shipping while my CB not that bad to sell in that low price-I sold it in that low price coz I just found another new Cherry BLossom )

    Nah, this buyer click BIN then emailed me:

    Hi xxx, I am so sorry that I did not realize that you did not take paypal. And I don't feel comfortable sending you cash...I feel that if I pay with paypal, I have my credit card co. back me up if something go wrong...and paypal also have a cover for me up to $1000 so pls. be advice. I really mean it that I don't feel comfortable send you cash...really...I had been bured by international sellers before and promiss not do that again...so let me know what can we do...I really like to buy this bag...I apologized for not reading the describtion clearly...I was worry that someone might bid before I did...So I forgot to check the payment method that you have on your listing...Sorry



    Then she emailed me again:
    Hi again...I know this bag is a good deal...but I don't think I can send you cash or money transfer....IF you want to relist you item, I am willing to help you pay for all the listing cost...or if you have any other solution, pls. let me know. Thank you

    Kind Regards.


    As her request to find another alternatvice, I asked her that she'd send MO to my fam in USA, but she refuse it and told want to make PayPal payment only while in the first message, she told that uncomfy to send cash to international so I asked her MO to my fam in USA- I think it's fair enough for her!!

    After that, I asked how if she sent to my fam's PayPal account as she said she want to make PayPal only ( her second email )

    Read her email:

    Hi xxx, No I am not...I will only like to pay with paypal because I am protected by both paypal and my credit card company....I am really really sorry:sad: I am so sorry to be pain in the butt but I only and really have to pay with paypal....I know we can work this out...You can relist it and you won't loose anything. I will loose at least $25 I promiss I will help you pay for all you listing and final value fees....I can send money order to you aunt if you like and I think that how I prefer anyway....This show to you that I am really sorry and am take responsibility of my action...that cost you time and money....

    Kind REgards.


    You know what she replied?? She said that she didn't want to send money to other party!! OMG!! I know it's unsual idea but based of her any requests:
    1. Don't want to send cash internationall
    ( I asked her to send MO to my aunt )- then
    2. Don't want to send payment except by PayPal
    ( so I gave her my fam's PayPal )-then
    REFUSE all the methods!!

    I mean she didn't show her good faith to complete payment!! Why she requested any alternatives and once I found alternatives for her, she refuses all one by one!! ( actually, I even don't think I've to found her alternatives by I've mentioned clearly I only accept Bank Wire and Bank Draft )

    The last email, she asked to pay my fees ( she said since not more than $50 ) but it's unfair for me as I can't re-list my LV till next week ( SAturday/Monday ) and what $50 can do for me as she make me lost my 1 week??

    She kept asking me to understand her "honest mistake" ( like she said ) but she totally not do the same-she not appreciate my effort to find her the other alternatives like her requested in her first email even refuse all!! I think she's so selfish-she thinking herself only-not thinking about me-I can't resell my LV till 7 days later-and-how I feel she BIN my item but not trust me to accept payment even think I will humiliate myself with $750 only?? No, thanks!

    She asked me to check her feedback to show she's serious buyer but made "honest mistake" but what's the function I do it?? Even if I check her feedback,I won't get back my 7 days!!

    Read her email:

    Hi xxx, That will be even more concerned to me to send money to someone who has nothing to do with this transaction at all...So I don't think it's a good idea...I am not the kind of person who bid and won and don't pay for...Pls.read my feedback I am 100% feedback of over 2000 and never once I have negative or even nautral...So that said something about me that I am a honest person...And this transaction is an honest misstake that I made...So I am willing to take responsible for it...Let me know how much you listing cost....I will send money order directly to you.

    KInd regards.

    I mean if she has over 1000 or 2000, she should understand that before bidding, she should read terms about shipping, payment etc and know, bidding is binding by contract!

    Please advice as I really dislike to relist and she "put-price" on my effort & time by $50 only?? She said she'll recieve my negf.feedback but more than it-how if I give strike?
  2. Some people get way excited when they find an item they have been wanting and looking for and do BIN. THEN they read the auction. I think it was an honest mistake. I dont buy from sellers who dont take paypal because we are not protected with any other kind of payment. And I would never do a wire transfer or western union. (my bank has a policy that they do NOT allow bank/wire transfers for eBay transactions) and yours buyers reason is certainly NOT unreasonable. She made a mistake, no one is perfect.

    I would mutually agree to cancel the transaction (go into the site map to find out where that is). then you will get your listing fees back and you can relist it.

    It happens every once in a while. Just part of doing business on eBay.

    You might want to consider taking PayPal. I know we all hate PP, but you would attract more buyers that way.


  3. I second that, everybody can get carried away and make a mistake. I was so much in love with an item that I totally missed that the seller didn't ship out of the US and hit BIN. Fortunately the seller was ok to ship but she had never done int. shipping before that was the only reason why she didn't offer it...All ended well!:sweatdrop:

    Now I always check and if nothing is mentioned I contact the seller & wait for her answer before bidding.:yes:
  4. List her as unpaid. Final. Your terms are in the auction and it is her responsibility to read them. If it says no PayPal, than no PayPal. Maybe if these people get a few "unpaids" against them, they will bid approiately and some of the ebay problems will disappear.

    Good luck.
  5. Honestly, I would take her up on her offer to pay the listing fees (Which probably won't happen but it's worth a try) and be done with it. She sounds like more trouble than she's worth and you'd be better off cutting your loses and finding another buyer. Since she is the one not completing the deal, your eBay account won't be compromised and you can relist. Since you're still in posession of the bag, you're in the driver's seat and if I were you, I'd keep it that way. Good luck!
  6. I would not file a mutual agreement but I would file a NPB to be sure a strike is initiated against her. She didn't read the listing. She did not comply to the terms of the listing. She is not showing good faith by making an effort to pay relisting fees she originally offered via PayPal to the PayPal account you requested. It is a US account and that should have no bearing on whether is is yours or your relative's account. You requested the payment be sent to that other account and a record of that request is documented, so that should not be an issue, but she thinks it's her ticket to getting away without paying anything. She'll probably go on and do this to some other unsuspecting seller.
  7. As a buyer, I would not send money to a paypal account other than the paypal account of the seller, nor would I send a MO to someone other than the seller. I do understand the buyers concerns.

    The buyer was wrong bidding on the bag if the only method of payment she was comfortable with was paypal.

    As a seller, I would file a with ebay to mutually agree to end the transaction. That way, you will be credited your ebay fees and you can relist and move on.
  8. thanks for all your advices. I think it's no prob if I can relist it now but I can't do it and have to wait 7 days by this buyer BIN and want to cancel transaction! Did you think it as waste my time??

  9. I don't think she too excited and missed my description as she checked my pics & desc then asked me to reduce her. It mean she didn't click BIN immediately. She even sent me around 2-3 messages after my respond about price reduced so I don't think she's so hurry to do BIN.

    As I've mentioned, I'm OK to relist if I can do it now but by I can't do it till 7 days, it mean I lost my 7 days by she did BIN without check my terms?? ( so funny as my terms place on exactly below the item desc. )

    I'll glad take PayPal if I can ( I don't hate PayPal as I have no bad experience with PayPal ) but as PayPal service just avalaible for my country, I can't request money, I can send only and I've mentioned it too in my auction.

    So my problem, I can't relist it now till 7 days later and I can't receive payment , too...
  10. You do not have to wait the 7 days to re-list unless you want to give the buyer a strike. You have to do a mutual withdrawl. Ebay will send the buyer an email asking if they agree and when they do you can re-list again (ebay pays for the re-list) and you will get your end fee's back right then here is some info:

    "Unpaid Items can usually be resolved by direct communication between buyers and sellers. eBay provides an online process enabling the buyer and seller to communicate with each other to resolve the situation. eBay's Unpaid Item policy and eBay's User Agreement make clear that buyers must pay for the items that they commit to purchase.
    There are four steps to the Unpaid Item process.
    1) Sellers can file an Unpaid Item Dispute.
    Sellers can report an Unpaid Item up to 45 days after the transaction date (i.e. the date when the buyer commits to buying the item and the seller commits to selling it). Usually the seller must wait 7 days after a listing closes to file an Unpaid Item Dispute. However, in the following exceptional cases, the seller can file a dispute immediately:
    • <LI style="MARGIN-TOP: 6px">At the time of the filing the buyer is no longer a registered user of eBay.
    • The seller and buyer wish to mutually withdraw from the transaction.
    In the first case the buyer will receive an Unpaid Item strike and the seller will receive a Final Value Fee credit without any additional steps.
    In the second case the seller must file the dispute for mutual withdrawal. If the buyer responds to the dispute and agrees, the seller will receive a Final Value Fee credit and no strike will be given to the buyer. If the buyer fails to respond, the seller can still close the dispute to receive a Final Value Fee credit, and the buyer will not receive an Unpaid Item strike."

    You can start the process from your my ebay page under the drop down menu on the item you sold. Click on report an unpaid item and it will take you through the steps to get your fee's back. You have to clain that it was mutual to get your fee's back and the bidder will not get a strike. You both will have the chance to leave feedback as well.

    I personally would not send a money order for an item priced that high. Nor would I be willing to send money to a third party. I feel bad she missed that part of your auction but it is a mistake I might of made myself. Anyway good luck with what every you decide to do.
  11. Oh Donna!, catcat, Ilikemike65, livethelake

    Thanks for your advices but my problem isn't I sold it or not but I can't relist my item till 7 days by eBay selling limitation per week and this buyer make me lost my 7 days with her "honest mistake"

    I know no body is perfect but of course we won't disadvantage other people by our unperfect, right?
  12. thanks, meemie :smile:
    but I can't relist till 7 days due to eBay limitation amount of selling per week. I can list around 2-3 LV only per week and I've listed 3 LV including this Retro
  13. Then I would talk to live help and see if they will waive it if you both agree to this process. There should be an exception in this instance.
  14. thanks, meemie
    should I tell them all my problem? Coz I'll let her go with mutually agreement if I can relist this item now, that's only my concern now.
  15. I have to agree with some of the other posts. I would never send a money order for an item at this price -- too risky. Nor would I send a money order to someone's relative in the US.

    I would also suggest that in the future if you have a BIN, require immediate payment. That way if someone doesn't pay, your item is still listed until someone actually does pay you. But for that, you'll need paypal.