What to do with all the Chanel shopping bags...

  1. I am probably not alone when it comes to hanging onto the beautiful shopping bags from the various designer boutiques esp. the Chanel bags...infact since January of this year I have acquired quite a few.

    So, last weekend I decided I did not need all the Chanel shopping bags but couldn't dare throw them out....so, I cut them up.

    Stay with me here ...don't faint.

    I kept a number of the Chanel bags in various sizes but the remaining large Chanel bags I cut up and used as drawer liners in a chest that I keep misc. accessories such as scarfs, gloves, belts, etc. It is a nice way to keep the beautiful bags in a more functional way than just taking up space as more shopping bags...I can't let go of.

    I like seeing the "Chanel" peak out as I select my accessories for the day...

    So, what do you ladies do with all your beautiful Chanel (and other designer) shopping bags???
  2. lol. that's cute
  3. Over the years I've held onto a few too, but recently I threw them all away. I had no secondary use for them. But I like your idea as shelf liners.
  4. ok now what to do with the boxes? I just realized under the beds in my house and my spare rooms, I have all chanel boxes....i think recycle?
  5. Oh, yeah...the boxes are another story...hehehehe. I have stacked as many as I can inside each other and the rest hide from DH...hehehehe.:p
  6. I LOVE that idea! I have so many bags I hate to throw away... I think I will cut a few up too. Did you cut around the "Chanel" so that's pretty much what you see?
  7. I used the large bags as they fit my drawers pretty nice and cut the complete side from each side of the bags, and then trimmed them to fit the shape of the drawer. The drawers in this chest are long and almost as deep as the large bags are tall, so one bag using both sides completely lined one drawer and I see all the glossy black area and Chanel. And because it took two panels side by side I get double the glossy black and Chanel , Chanel......much like just lying two bags side by side ....if that makes sense....anyway, I think it was a fun way to use the bags...call me addicted.:p
  8. Great idea! All my bags are just sitting in my closet, taking up space.
  9. Purrrfect, I love it!!!!

    I was also wondering what to do with my Chanel wrapping paper, now you have given me a great idea!!!
  10. With all my designer goods, I try to maintain the original packaging while in storage. So with my Chanels, they sit in their boxes inside their bags.

    My friend Amelia inherited a really fantastic hat collection upon the death of her grand-aunt and I just think the fact that these hats were preserved in their original boxes with all their original packaging is just so priceless. They're real treasures.

    I intend to keep the packaging of items I buy for this reason.

  11. WOW, that is very nice, but unfortunately I don't have the room for bag after bag, so I keep some bags and of course I keep the boxes....but yours sounds like a nice practice and what a wonderful collection your friend must have received from her Aunt....:smile:
  12. MemyselfI, Jayne1, Erica1451, Jbcesq - Glad you ladies don't think I am nuts...I just couldn't bare to throw them out, so this was a fun use for the excess.;)
  13. Purrrfect...brilliant idea !! can you show pics....

    ps. hope you dun think I am nuts to want to see pics...hehe....
  14. lol Purrrfect!I almost fainted!:wtf:Got up early to get a glimpse at TPF as I usually do before getting ready to take the kids to school...you know without my cup of coffee :sleepy:and I thought you were talking about your beautiful GST collection....lol !..I had to sit down ..you really scared me hahaha!:roflmfao:
    Well,if there's no much room to store boxes and shopping bags that's a great idea you have here!I have them folded in the cellar trying to figure out too what to do with them as I don't feel like throwing them away!Such a fetishist with everything Chanel I am :yes:lol but I always keep the bags in their boxes ,although it takes space I think it's the best way to protect them from dust, humidity and the rest...Of course when and if I'll get to own more chanels I'll "take care' of the boxes too hehe!:graucho:;)
  15. I only have a few Chanel boxes and bags, so I treasure them! Maybe if my collection got super huge where I had tons and tons of boxes and bags, then I'd start doing something creative with them. :yes:

    That's such a cute idea though using them as drawer linings! Unfortunately, I don't have enough bags to line my drawers.