What to do with a vintage Rolex?

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  1. I recently inherited a "vintage" (1970) Rolex from my grandfather. While it is has appreciated in value, there is a ton of sentimental value as he's currently quite sick and may not be around for much longer. :sad:

    I had it serviced and have been wearing it every day. (It's a stainless steel datejust, so fairly low key.) When I mentioned it to a friend recently, he was really surprised that I would wear something of this much sentimental value every day. (I wear my watches all the time - including in the shower.)

    He had said that he would personally put it in a safe deposit box or perhaps only wear it occasionally.

    That got me thinking...am I being stupid by wearing it every day since it's fairly significant to me? What would you do? TIA!

    On a different note - I never really appreciated Rolexes and was all set to buy a Cartier BB until I received this one and learned more about the Rolex history, craftsmanship, etc. and now I'm completely sold. :graucho:
  2. Coming from someone with 3 Rolexes in a safe deposit box, I think you should wear it everyday. And I think I should wear mine too! They are beautiful watches and sentiment makes you feel so good. Mine have no sentiment to me since I purchased them myself. But when I begin to wear them, someday my children will inherit. And I hope they enjoy them and not lock them up like I have done.
  3. IMO I think your friend gave you bad advice. What pleasure will anyone gain from a watch sitting in the bank. I can't imagine your grandfather would want that. The sentimental value comes from your being able to look at it on your wrist and being reminded of your grandfather each time you see it.

    Watches are meant to be worn so wear it in good health! It sounds like a very special pierce!!
  4. Awww, I would wear it just for the sentimental value!!!
  5. Find a reputed watchmaker, Do overhaul, waterproof and time testing - you are good to go for 3-4 years until next service. Don't stop wearing Rolex watches, more you wear and care - it will last long
  6. My thinking is that if its worth a lot of money than I should have more used for it, for it to be worth the money. Why buy when you just keep it in the safety deposit box? Life is short. We can die anytime and we cannot bring all our material possession with us much as we want to. So while we are alive use what we can...but I have to think twice about using it while in the shower though...
  7. I would take it in for an overhaul then wear it. It has sentimental value as well as monetary. As it was your grandfather, this is well on it's way to becoming a family heirloom to be passed down for generations.
  8. I would wear it! :smile: It's a sentimental piece and a useful watch at the same time! I've recently inherited a Rolex watch as well, but mine is a bit too flashy for my taste, with diamonds on the bezel. It doesn't suit my everyday outfits, but I'll definitely wear it on outings. :smile:
  9. I have 3 Rolexes and wear one of them everyday. I do not wear them in the shower, working out, or to the beach, but I do wear them running errands. I usually wear the Masterpiece with diamonds the most, because it's gold and I like to wear gold jewelry. You should wear it everyday as a tribute to your grandfather!!!
  10. Keep wearing your Rolex.

    DH collects Rolex. His first was from 1979. Shortly after buying it he slipped on the ice and landed hard on his wrist. His wrist landed right on the edge of a concrete step. The crystal shattered but the watch kept going. He took it to Rolex and had the crystal replaced and asked that it be serviced. The dealer replaced the crystal but said it didn't need a service.

    These watches are valuable for a reason they are very well made, especially the earlier watches before men's watches became collectable items.
  11. I would wear the watch but not in the shower. It may be water proof but then it may not. Why risk soap etc going inside the mechanism and ruining it and paying unnecessary money to fix it. Jmho
  12. Wear it wear it wear it!! Watches are meant to be used, how special to have one with such meaning. It would be such a waste to have it serving zero purpose in a box somewhere. Plus rolexes stay in better condition with use and get better with age, they are like tanks.

    My dad was gifted one when he turned 18, so in 1969, and still wears it. I've made it very clear I want it and I can't wait to wear it.
  13. Wear it.
    These watches were/are made to be worn for generations - to be enjoyed, admired, and to be revelled in their luxury - and to stand a long test of time.
    I have one from 1926, it's a rose gold cocktail watch and I wear it often :biggrin:
    With other rose gold jewellery and garnets in particular.
  14. Thanks for all of the advice! I've decided to just continue wearing it and to ignore my friend. :P However...I had started saving for a high end watch before receiving this, so I've decided to continue saving and get something else in addition. (Right now, I have my eye on a Daytona...I've been bitten by the Rolex bug!)

    1929! That's so crazy...it's almost a century old - that's really neat.

    Can you believe that Rolexes back then started at around $250?! I wish my grandfather had bought 10 of them haha.

    Yes! I luckily have an official Rolex Service Center near me, so I had them do the entire service so that way I can continue passing it on.

    Yes you should!! You're right..I wouldn't want my children to lock it up after I pass this on either. Send some photos if you end up taking them out :biggrin:
  15. Wear it everyday!