What to do with a star like this?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has come across as star like this (the one on the right) on their mono canvas items and if so what did you do? Would it be considered defective? This is on my new beautiful victoire bag that’s been used only twice. It right at the top of the flap so it’s all I notice now...

    9CF87BD2-7391-4942-830D-E44C31D109B1.jpg IMG_7321.JPG
  2. Don't think this is considered a defect. It's gonna fade eventually anyway. However if you can't help but be bothered by it then you should probably exchange/return it. You should fully enjoy your purchases sans doubts
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  3. They are flowers, not stars!
  4. What am I not seeing???
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  5. Get your magnifying glass out
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    Too funny.
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  7. Sigh.
  8. Thanks Soniaa xx
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  9. I truly do not see what you are referring to.... can you circle what you’re seeing and repost?? I see absolutely nothing wrong.
  10. Sure - here’s another photo - my worry was peeling as have seen other bags do that but not at this age 9CF87BD2-7391-4942-830D-E44C31D109B1.jpg
  11. Maybe it was a scrape from the chain? I have this bag and know how the chain is or it could have been the print. Was it like that when you bought it? I don’t think it’s defective since the bag works. Take it to a store if it bothers you but I don’t think they would consider the bag defective...I would wear the bag and enjoy it!
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  12. I didn’t ask what they were...

    I call them flowers, diamonds and stars as that’s my interpretation.
  13. The problem is that when you say star I am looking for a LITERAL star on the bag, and can't find one so it's difficult to understand what you're trying to say. If you say "flower" then people know what they are supposed to be looking at.
  14. It is the star shaped monogram flower xx
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    I’m not sure why you are being so aggressive. :shocked: My comment was not just for you, it was for everyone who reads the forum and cares about learning about the brand. Louis Vuitton refers to these symbols as “Fleurs de monogram.”

    You come here for help, then people give you feedback and contribute to your thread... and you choose to respond like that?