What to do with a MPA (public administration degree)


Dec 22, 2008
Los angeles
I recently graduated with my Master's degree of Public Administraion, yet i dont know what to do with it...My undergrad major is finance and during the past couple years, i did work at a bank for six months as an intern, but they could not offer me a full time job...prob due to the bad economy and the downturn of financial industry now...

Typically my classmates with the MPA degree can get a relatively good job in government/non-profit, but due to the fact that i am an international student, it would be really hard for me to work for the U.S government....So i am working at a law firm part time right now, but that is not what i m looking for on a long term basis

I guess i m just wondering if anyone is in a similar position as i am now...or can give me some suggestions...


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
I'm going for my MPA (slowly, but surely). My bachelor's is in journalism. I currently work for state government, so the MPA degree is right up my alley.

Have you researched what it would take to obtain a job working for local, state and federal goverment? I see that you're an international student, but that's not always a huge obstacle. An MPA will take you far working in the public sector. Not to mention that government jobs often have good benefits, retirement plans and are pretty decent jobs overall. I've been working for the state for almost three years and have no complaints whatsoever.

I'd look into what the government/public policy field has to offer you, and go from there. You have a great degree. Make connections, put your resume out there and keep at it :smile: