What to do with a fake bag?

  1. Got scammed on e-bay just before christmas and bought a fake Mulberry Elgin for £200. Seller then failed to respond to any messages so I opened a dispute to no avail and am now making a claim through e-bay to try to get some recompense. BUT what do i do with the bag???? Will e-bay want it do you think? Don't want to use it, it's horrible thick shiny leather and an obvious fake ( even logo in leather is mirror-image!!) Burn it? Can't sell it as it's counterfeit!
    Has anyone else had this happen?:hysteric:

  2. oh my gosh! Thats awful! I know you have some recourses if you paid with Paypal. Did you go thru them or a check/money order?
  3. Paid by cheque unfortunately ! I even mailed the seller prior to buying the bag and she assured me it was genuine,but i was an idiot because it was her first auction so she had no feedback. The ironic thing is I bidded on the chocolate and oak elgin, and the bag I received was all oak- so not even the bag in the pictures. Another buyer contacted me when they saw my negative feedback and they had bidded on an elgin and received an Emmy. Total pre-christmas scam!
  4. Sorry to hear you got ripped off. :sad: The only thing I can think of is just shred the bag and trash it.
  5. Sorry to hear this happened to you. Those fakers on eBay are complete criminals and should be put away. Okay, maybe a slight overstatement but, I'm sure more than few peopel would agree. Perhaps you sell the fakes to a vintage clothing recycler place? In San Francisco, such places as Crossroads or Wasteland will take the fakes, knowing full well they are not authentic and don't try to sell them as such. Some of the customers don't care if they are not authentic. They just like the purses. That way you can recoup some of the funds?
  6. sorry about the fake bag. how long ago did you file the complaint w/ eBay? did they send you the seller's contact info? i was scammed before but i was able to get hold of the seller, and i sent it back to him and even made him pay for my shipping. i did not want to even spend a dime on that fake bag.
  7. Yes, got the sellers details. phoned their number but the person on the end of the phone claimed it was the wrong number! filed claim with e-bay 22nd december and have heard NOTHING! My Mum does custody visiting at local police station so she mentioned it to them but the police said to just go through e-bay. Seems I've lost £200, have a bag that needs to be burnt and have just learnt an expensive lesson!
  8. I would say don't do anything to the bag until the eBay dispute is either resolved, or until you're told by Ebay that there's nothing they can do. If you end up not trying to get your money back because it's fake, but just because it isn't the bag in the pictures, then you'll need to be able to prove it isn't the bag in the pictures. So hang onto it for now, I'd suggest. Also, if the seller hasn't taken the pictures down yet, I would take a screenshot of the auction page with the wrong pictures on it, and save it as part of your evidence, in case the seller takes them down and then you can't prove even that.

    I'm sorry this happened to you. A long time ago, before I realized everything on Ebay was fake, I ended up spending $300 on a fake Tiffany silver necklace and bracelet set. It happens to all of us at some point I think.
  9. I had a similar situation and I ended up giving the bag to my credit card company as evidence for my case. I got my full amount of $$$ back, and my card company (as well as the police) went after the guy in Washington state who tried to rip me off with a fake.
  10. So sorry about this! I wish I had some suggestions for how to get your money back. I did want to mention that on the eBay forum there was recently a discussion on what to do with fake bags, and someone suggested donating them to charity, but FIRST writing on the inside "Fake bag" in indelible ink. Of course, burning it is an option, too. Sorry again about your loss of £200. :cry: That really stinks!
  11. fireplace fuel, bonfire, barbeque, shredder, spray paint, target practice, tester to see how sharp your knifes are, canvas for grafitti (large FAKE taggging)...so many things to do with a fake. I like target practicing on it the best.
  12. Save the bag, track your time and effort in recovering your money and get a lawyer if you have no recourse through eBay. Will Mulberry help? I'm sure they don't want fakers out there. Good luck and so sorry!
  13. Actually, I think the last suggestion is really good - send it to Mulberry, it will help them to possibly identify high risk bags and also where the fake sales are happening - most design houses now have in-house counsel involved in helping them protect their intellectual property rights and they would definitely benefit from you providing some evidence.

    And I agree, fakers should be taken out and beaten with their bags. When you hear about all the AAA Mirror fakes that are made in the world, and the time and effort that goes into making them, wouldn't you think you'd be better off trying to design and make your OWN bag???!
  14. :yes: Hope you get your money back!!
  15. The BIG problem with reselling or even donating these fake purses is that eventually they will end up back in a shop someplace, or eBay, and will be resold under false pretenses yet again :cursing: . So, the only thing you can really do with the bag is keep it for evidence, or like others have said, destroy it. Sounds a bit extreme, but that is the only thing you can really do. Good luck, and let us know how things go. :yes: