Tech What to do with a dead laptop?

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  1. Okay, so I posted a couple weeks ago how my macbook pro died. The techs recovered some data, downloaded it onto an external HD & gave me back my dead laptop.

    Now... what can I do with the thing? There are some recycling places around here, but is there anything cool I can do with it otherwise?
  2. I'd sell it on eBay. I'm sure someone would buy it (of course you would say it's not in working condition).

    A few years ago I sold my MacBook Pro that was barely working (it overheated after 15 minutes and then shut itself down) for almost $500. I didn't think anyone would buy it so I started the bidding at $99. Boy was I wrong!
  3. Doorstop.

    Paper weight.

    Book end.
  4. But seriously.

    The screen is probably worth something. So is the power supply. If the case and keyboard are in good shape they may be wanted by somebody looking for parts.
  5. Just wondering, how old was ur MBP? I have one and would like to know its probable lifespan.

    As Echoes says, someone will prob want it for spare parts.
  6. ^^ I don't think you can use my mbp to get an expected lifespan.

    I had it for about 6 months and then I spilled a nearly full 20oz cup of coffee (with cream and sugar) on it. When I picked it up, coffee poured out from under the keyboard like niagra falls. If anything, I think it's a testament to apple that it last another year and a half beyond that.

    I never thought about the spare parts issue. Good point. The case is in good shape because I used one of those plastic shell thingies, and there's nothing wrong with the screen. I don't know the first thing about its guts though.

    I guess I could always pull up the keyboard & string the keys on a string for my lovebird, who was always trying the pull the keys up anyway. lol

    I'll give myself some time to mourn it before i sell it or gut it for an art project.
  7. Yes, take it apart and sell it on eBay or somewhere. Don't forget to sell the battery!
  8. a good suggestion here, post an advertisement (sort of) on any social networking site you may have joined example twitter or facebook!
  9. You could recycle it.
  10. Sell it on ebay. I sold my dead macbook on ebay for $500!
  11. i wouldnt sell it...... people will find some way to get info off of that thing- SSN, CC#, address, etc... they will find a way
  12. Oh no!! How terrible. When u do get a new laptop, I would buy a keyboard cover for it. (at least liquids and gunk won't get in between the keys). If u get a Macbook again, the best cover (after trying a few horrible ones) is the Moshi Clearguard, that was available on line at the Apple website. Its so thin, u don't even know its on and fits like a glove.

    lvuittonaddict has a point. when my pc laptop died, i opened it and took out all the memory boards etc out (those guts are still sitting somewheres). So I would try taking the relevant guts out before selling.

    I think there are programs to purge the memory, but i just rather yank them out, and smash it, as some are not 100% effective.