What to do with a buyer who bid, won, and now doesn't want the bag?

  1. She bid early, won, and then sent me a message saying sorry, she didn't want it now because she noticed something about it that she didn't like, that she didn't notice before. She assumed she'd be outbid since it was still early days, and didn't cancel her bid. So now she's asking me to please let her out and she'll pay my listing fees. Her feedback is good.

    I think it's seriously uncool, but should i just be nice and say ok?
  2. If she's willing to pay your fees, charge them first (insertion fees only) Then submit a mutual agreement form. I don't think she is going to pay so it's better to avoid the drama. Good Luck
  3. then slap her silly!!!!!!!!!!
  4. heehee
  5. ummm if she didnt like it she should have sent you a message earlier not after she won it i did that once I sent the seller a message earlier to cancel my bid and she was cool about it. But if you want to be nice lol make her pay the listing fee and cancel her bid
  6. heehee... yea not cool.
  7. I had a buyer say her daughter bid and won under her account. :s As long as you file a mutually agree to not complete the transaction, you won't have to pay the final value fee and when you relist you should qualify for a credit. If she's willing, definitely get the listing fees, (for the time you wait while selling it again). :okay:
  8. I agree with everyone else. That happened to me before and even though I was ticked about it, I agreed to let them out of the bid. People are just Crazy!
  9. Thanks everyone! appreciate the advice :tup:
  10. This recently happened to me...I refunded the money. It is too much of a hassle anymore dealing with people on eBay. I have given up. Besides, after reading some of the horror stories in this thread, I am glad I only had to refund $:yahoo:
  11. don`t forget to file a non paying bidder! that would piss me off so much if that happened to me.
  12. If she's willing to pay your listing fees, I say go ahead and accept, otherwise you could have a bigger problem on your hands.