What to do with a broken Spy bag cap

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  1. Hi, I just joined and I think this is a great forum! I was reading about the Fendi Spy and how the threads were coming out of one of the forum members. Well, I have a Spy too, and the small cap on the spy fell off last night. The screw that connects the cap top and the compartment came out. Anyone know what I could do? Thanks.
  2. take it to a fendi boutique or wherever you bought it - as long as it was someone reputable, you should ABSOLUTELY get a new one.
  3. Thanks Amanda...but I didn't! I got it on eBay. I fairly certain it's authentic though. Anyone know what to do to fix it? I don't think I can go to Fendi's store b/c I didn't buy from them.
  4. if they're like LV, then as long as it's real, it shouldn't matter where it came from - they're responsible for the quality of their merchandise.
  5. They may charge you for the repair if you didn't get it from them, did the ebay merchant send you a copy of the original receipt?
  6. great suggestion. I'm going to email the person I bought the bag from and see what she has to say. thanks!