What to do with a $75 Gift Card

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  1. My friend gave me $75 gift card fro LV last year and I don't know what to buy. For now, I don't need any more bags and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I just want to use it up and buy something nice, before the increase. I know $75 isn't much, but it's better than nothing. What would you buy? Please help. TIA.
  2. Maybe a bandeua (135)? Or a change holder in mongram or damier (165)? I probably would get a mini pouchette or pouchette (315) - since i would use them the most.
  3. key and change holder or badge key holder or 6 key holder in graphite
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    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    damier pochette :smile:
  5. Vernis cles!
  6. I would use it on a wapity case or a T&B key holder!
  7. a luggage tag with your initials heat stamped perhaps?
  8. put some more money!? I had store credit and I put another 300 to buy things I like so dont force your self to buy stuff. Buy something you like
  9. luggage tag, bandeau, mini pochette, keyring?
  10. Thanks. I like your suggestion.
  11. Thanks everyone fro your suggestions. But I am still undecided what to get.
  12. I would save it and put it towards a larger purchase. Gift cards dont expire, do they?
  13. bandeau or cles are great choices..don't have to add to much to it! And you get something cute!
  14. I would get a bandeau! The butterfly ones are too cute
  15. 3 things have been mentioned that I think are all great options and really exciting:
    (Not in any particular order)
    -Luggage tag with intials heat stamped
    -Bandeau (there are so many good choices right now!)
    -Cles (both Pomme and Violette are stunning colors)

    Please keep us posted with what you pick!