What to do with $2120 US store credit??

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  1. I am returning my epi Alma BB for store credit and have only a couple of days to find something to exchange for. I can't find anything I really love.

    What would you do with $2120 US (willing to pay a bit more, too :giggles: )
  2. You send it to me, duh. :P
    Well, what bags are on your wish list? :smile:
  3. I could take it off your hands!!

    Buy something in Emp!!
  4. Montaigne BB in Empreinte! It's $2880, though...so a bit extra.
  5. Loving this thread already! Empreinte Montaigne!!
  6. Emp Montaigne or Cluny bb
  7. What do you have already?
  8. Can you ask to take a peek at the "look book" to see if anything is coming in that looks juicy? What about a toiletry case for traveling? What a good way to day dream.
  9. Have you tried the Montaigne BB?
  10. So many choices!!! The Twice in Noir Empreinte, a Zippy Coin Purse in monogram, an Empriente cles and/ or Speedy B 25 in Damier Ebene.
  11. What is your preferred bag style? Is there any specific " need" in you collection ( cross body, tote, dressy bag...). Without knowing these answers, it's hard to recommend a bag. Also, what is it you don't like about the bag you're returning? I'd recommend Epi Alma PM or Cluny BB. If there's nothing you're currently drawn to, you can wait for new releases. There's a thread about a redesigned Empreinte Speedy. Good luck choosing a bag.
  12. I need a medium sized everyday bag suitable for work. About the size of the Alma PM. I am actually returning the Alma PM (not sure why I wrote BB) because it is fraying on the leather along the zipper. I love the bag, and need something similar in my collection.
  13. I have not. Have you? I don't really love any of the colours it is available in, other than black, and I don't need another black bag!
  14. Too much, lol!

    I have lots of smaller bags. I need something medium size and preferably with a top handle option.
  15. Retiro ?