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  1. the item is showing on the Canada Post site that it has been delivered and the buyer says they didn't receive it?:hysteric:It's not a big ticket item and it was fully insured but I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this? I spoke to Canada Post and they told me that it DOES show in their system that the item HAS been delivered to such and such postal colde but I can't really argue with the buyer if she doesn't have it in her hands, right? It's been over two weeks since the delivery date, BTW, and she had just emailed me yesterday to ask me if I'd shipped the item.:shrugs: I am really confused as to what I am suppose to do now.:wacko: Do I file the insurance claim? Do I refund her? :confused1: Thank you in advance for your replies.
  2. Hi, I've fam who's working at USPS, Co. She asked me that sometime they make mistake with deliver the item to wrong receiver by see the similiat home number, or street etc on package cover so they devide packages by that 'similiar' home number, street only.

    I think may your buyer really has not receive her item by post office delivered it to wrong address? Anyway, we still don't know what's the actually thing here. She received it or really has not receive it!

    I think you're in strong side as your post office tracking show that your buyer has received it. If you file claim to insurance, I think they'll still assumpt that item has been delivered whatever it's arrive to right receiver or not...
  3. did you call your buyer on it saying it's delivered? the few times i've had that sort of thing happen i send them the link to where it says it's delivered. i usually never hear from them again or you get an "oh, right, my husband signed for it and it was in the basement" kind of thing.
  4. ^^^ Yes, I have sent her the link with the tracking info and everything. I've yet to hear from her after I did (it's only been a couple of days, but still). Will see what happens. Thank you for your help, everyone.
  5. i'm telling you- they think you don't know and then when they know you do they usually drop it. i'm interested to see if she does ever email you back!
  6. It's quite possible that it was delivered to the wrong address.
    It will be interesting too see if it "turns up" in the sellers hand after you've sent her the tracking information!
  7. This has happened to me too. The only thing you can do is file a report with the post office.
  8. Just wanted to give a quick update: the parcel did turn up :nuts: and I got my + feedback. So, it was a happy ending after all.:graucho:
  9. ^great!! congrats Irene
  10. Phew!!!:yahoo:
  11. Yay! Hurrah and thrice hurrah!