What to do when you've over done it?

  1. My legs are soooooo sore today! I did pilates, along with squats yesterday, and I am paying the price. This routine is not unusual, except I used weights while doing the squats.

    Dang. I am looking quite strange when I walk, too. :shame: Any remedies for sore muscles?
  2. A good massage!:graucho:
    Either do it yourself, or get someone else to do it for you.:biggrin:
    Also, a nice, warm relaxing rosemary or muscle soak (eucalyptus, mint etc) bath helps....as does resting your legs up higher than normal (elevate them on a footstool)
    Also, if possible, try not to do any exercise at all today, let your muscles repair themselves.
    Hope they feel better soon!:flowers:
  3. Don't do anymore exercises for the moment. Just relax and let your legs rest today. chicky does give great tips there.
  4. Should I wait to exercise until all of the soreness goes away, or just the painful portion of it?
  5. What I do (and this always helps) is drink a protein shake that is high in protein like 20 grams +.. A real yummy one is myoplex carb sense (already made) dark chocolate shake... It works better if you drink it right after you work out.

    In the meantime, I would stretch, stretch, stretch!
  6. :flowers: Thank you!
  7. you can work out again once the real pain has improved. Also, try taking Arnica. It's holistic but I know a LOT of people that swear by it!
  8. Can I get Arnica at a health food store, or do they have it at Target?
  9. Nope....not at Target. Health food store for sure....
  10. take a really warm bath and then stretch afterwards, that should help - and remember, the soreness means that you've done something good for yourself!
  11. Thanks, ladies!
  12. IMO just wait till the painful portion is gone. I've found a light workout helps with mildly sore muscles. Advil and a light massage work wonders too, as well as stretching when you are in the shower.
  13. Definitely, carefully stretch and hold for at the very least 30 seconds.
  14. A little motrin, a hot bath and some gentle stretching!
  15. Warm bath and heat patches!
    God I love heat wraps. I can stress out my knee and it makes me feel good as new the next day.