What to do when your apartment manager is not doing her job

  1. I'm so pissed off and had to vent. The manager of the apartment sent out notices last week that the doors will be changed. A repair guy came changed the door but didn't put a sweeper (the thing on the bottom that blocks the space left between the door and the floor). The guy said he will fix it tomorrow. Tomorrow came and he didn't come.

    Talked to the manager every day for a week and she always said they were coming the next day. Now she is getting mad at my boyfriend for bugging her to do her job. She says she has no control over the maintenance people (which they hire!) and we don't have a legitimate reason to complain. We live on the first floor next to some bushes with crickets and bugs! I've seen them come in before...we've been trying to block off the crack with shoe boxes! I'm so pissed off at her. She's getting angry at us for reminding her to do her job. Completely out of line....What would you guys do in this situation?
  2. Check your lease and state rental laws. Look for references to maintenance timeframes. Really, something like this isn't affecting your comfort like lack of heating/water/electricity would, so she might be within the law waiting a week. Aside from that, simply ask her if you can do it. It's not that hard to install one. Then deduct the price, and an hourly rate 30 bucks an hour to install it, from your rent. ;)
  3. To seal the draft in the meantime, a rolled up bath towel will work better than shoe boxes.

    Can you contact the owners of the building? You might get a quicker response.
  4. write a short letter to the manager and the owner, if nothing is done..go to home depot and buy one..maybe you can deduct the amount from the rent if they agree.

    i agree that you should use a rolled up towel in the meantime, much more effective.
  5. PUT IT IN WRITING IMMEDIATELY, then call her management company and complain.
  6. And after doing all of the above, make sure to write about your experiences at aptratings.com so other renters are aware of the issues there!
  7. Thanks so much! My boyfriend talked to the manager's boss and someone came today to fix it. But the door was too big for our frame so they are coming back next week. I thought of installing the sweeper ourselves but we don't have the power tools to drill through the wooden door. And I will write about my experience. Thanks everyone!
  8. why not use a temporary one that has a adhesive tape instead of using screws?
  9. ugh, been there. I'm glad they are finally doing something about it. I was never good at getting them to help me no matter how much I bugged them. I think I'm just too nice. One place I lived sort of kicked their butt into gear when my dad called though. A shame really that my dad had to call from 600 miles away to get them to fix the stupid leak running all over my carpet.

    Luckily now I rent from my parents so I have no problem with getting things fixed. I even can call my dad to get him to plunge my toilet. :smile: