What to do when you are bored ~Pics~

  1. So after getting off work and waiting for dinner to be done I discovered a little free time. I decided to take the digital camera for a spin. I took out my new Pastilles Keychain and had my Speedy 30 and Mezzo do some modeling. IMO it looks BEST against my Damier Papillon 30. Does it still look okay against the Mono print? Or is it too busy?

    :tdown: or :tup:

    Thanks all!
  2. it looks too cute!! congrats!!! it looks great on the mono, IMO!!!! :yes:
  3. I think it's kind of busy, but that's just my opinion.
  4. I actually like it more on the mono...maybe because of some similarity of the brown tones. Looks great on both of them .:yes:
  5. Lovely!
  6. I like it on the mono print.
  7. :yes: Me too :tup:
  8. I agree. Looks great. Try moving the pastilles rings to the outside clips on the purse.
  9. too cute
  10. I like it on both damier and mono.
  11. I think it really compliments the mono, I like it!
  12. Done! I think it definitely makes it look better when it on the outside clips.
    speedy1.JPG speedy2.JPG speedy3.JPG speedy4.JPG speedy5.JPG
  13. It looks great, I like it!
  14. nice pix!
  15. Thanks everyone. I really wish it fit on my Fuschia Denim Neo Speedy. Looks like I will have to find her a different charm!