What to do when they bring out the product?

  1. I've purchased Chanel sunglasses and a PST, and both times when I was about to buy the product, the SA handed it to me so I could inspect it (i think...?)

    How extensive of a check are you supposed to do? I felt kind of weird not knowing exactly what to do. I know the awesome ladies on this site will know what to tell me :smile:
  2. I'd probably give her a quick once over and just check the pockets and make sure all the appropriate documents are there and push it gently towards them and say thank you:biggrin:
    I'll inspect her closer when I get home!
  3. if there's a zipper, I will make sure it will zip smoothly.
  4. Yup, check that it is ok, i.e. no scratches, zippers are smooth, closure fit and is secure, no patches, no loose thread, etc
  5. I do all of the above, plus I take a nice whiff while Im at it. lol. Kinda like when the waiter brings your fine wine to the table and you have to use all your senses.:okay:
  6. :roflmfao:... so true... !!!
  7. I rub it against my face then I smell it and caress it. I take one final lick and hand it back to the S.A. and say I'm not interested in this one can I see another one please. :nuts::lol:
  8. I just rotate it around. Make sure everything looks fine in terms of workmanship. If it's a bag, I make sure the hologram sticker number matches that on the authenticity card. Check to make sure all the cards, booklets, and the dustbag is there. :yes: It's always better to catch these things early, rather than leave and have to come back later.
  9. u all crack me up....:roflmfao: sniffing and fondling and licking....:p
    me? i am too busy looking around for my next conquest to inspect:graucho:.. .wrap her up and i'm good to go!:wlae:
  10. Am I the only one that wears my new purchases out of the door? LOL. They always look at me so funny when I tell them I want to wear it out. I guess because since I'm wearing it that means I automatically can't return it? Whatever lol.
  11. In Hong Kong, most of the SAs wear gloves so I ask them to take out the tissue and show me if everything (zippers, closures) etc work and then I inspect the leather to make sure there are no spots or stains. They usually show me everything to make sure I am happy.

    Here in the states - it depends on the SA - some I trust and others, I usually have a tissue with me, and use it to inspect the bag - I check mainly to see if it really is a new one - i.e. no fingerprints, no dirt inside, etc.

    In fact this worked to my favor once - I was buying a bag (not a chanel) and I loved it but the SA pointed out before my inspection that it was a return - she showed me that it was not used but you could tell someone had handled it before - I still wanted the bag and she offered me a substantial discount.

    I usually don't inspect too much if the bag comes from the stock room - but some times I have bought the last piece - which is the display piece and I have them clean it before I buy it.

  12. lol! :roflmfao:
  13. I usually model it to make sure I look good. I used to just buy it without inspecting it. But one time, I bought an E/W and realized there was a minor scratch on the corner, some left over glue residue substance on the caviar leather, and there was NO TAG which mean it was probably a used return! So after that, I always check corners, insides, TAGS, and make sure there is no loose stitching.

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