What to do when there's no local outlet??

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  1. The Bay area ones (napa, Vacaville, Gilroy) are nice about finding your item of interest in the system for you and having you pay for the item right then and there plus $10 shipping. Never had to do it, but it's nice to know they are helpful.
  2. Outlet Mall Name:
    Tanger Outlet Center - Barstow
    This is not the biggest Tanger Outlet in the country, but out of the 24 stores there is a good mix of brand name manufacturer and designer outlets for apparel and footwear to linens and housewares.
    Outlet Mall Address:
    2796 Tanger Way
    Barstow, CA 92311
    Phone: (760) 253-4813

    edit: That is not Coach outlet's actual phone number but it's the number to the mall where they're located. I do not have their number nor could I find it. I've never been there before. This is just where I ordered the wristlet from.
  3. Thanks for all of your responses and advice. This is the first I've had access to a computer today, so sorry for the late appreciation.

    I love the idea of driving 4 hours to an outlet to shop. In fact, last night I asked DH if he wanted to make a day trip to the Cabazon outlets this weekend, which is about 4 1/2 hours from our house. He just looked at me like I was crazy or something.

    Fortunately, we are planning a trip to CA late in May, so I may have to hit all the ones from Cabazon to Sacramento. It's just amazing how some states have numerous outlets and others have none. Something definitely needs to be done about that!
  4. Yup, my closest outlet in NJ is 3 1/2 hours away in the middle of Atlantic City, so needless to say, Ive only been there once!!! I pretty much rely on ebay, and even if the prices are not as low as the outlets, you can still do pretty well on certain items if you just keep checking the auctions regularly.
  5. I use ebay. I know I'm not getting it at the best price but I am saving some money.