What to do when there's no local outlet??

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  1. What do you ladies do when you don't live anywhere near a Coach outlet? I hear of so many great deals at the outlets, but can't take advantage of any of them. Is it possible to call the nearest outlet store and see if they have a specific item and then have them ship it at the outlet price? Thanks in advance!
  2. You only get the outlet price if you have an outlet item shipped to another outlet. If you have them ship it to your house they will charge you full price. :sad: I suppose your only options for outlet "deals" if you don't have one nearby are either a friend near an outlet, or Ebay savings.
  3. ebay. But Never Ever Bid without getting a bag authenticated first.
  4. ITA! :yes:
  5. I got my bleecker capacity wristlet for outlet price shipped to my home from another outlet in CA but I had to pay $10 for shipping. So maybe your outlets are different than mine.

  6. Getting it authenticated first doesn't always get you an auth bag because sometimes the pics or stolen, or not what you will actually receive! Personally, I always check out the seller as best as possible, and then after you get your bag, take it to a Coach store and have it verified IMMEDIATELY..don't wait! Always use paypal and then file a claim if it's fake and you can't work with the seller to get your money back. Some sellers don't know it's fake, but most do.

    The key is DON'T tell Coach you bought the bag on Ebay! A seller buddy of mine just told me that supposedly some Coach SAs and managers outright lie about this because they don't like you buying on Ebay...and this happened to her directly. I have to say I bought an Asian exclusive once and this happened to me too, but to the store's credit, they did not have the info on this bag, so I had to go through Coach NY to have it authenticated. I don't think they intentionally mislead me. In fact, I have NEVER had them lie to me otherwise either (at at least 5 diff boutiques), and I used to do this in the beginning (even though I knew the bag was real just to see what they would tell me). They only gave me the occasional "lecture" about buying on Ebay, but most SAs told me what a great deal I got on Ebay! In any event, if they ask you, you can always tell them you got it as a gift (you did, just that the gift was from you to you, lol!) or something like that. Usually they do not ask, however, unless they determine it's fake. I felt really bad because I saw this happen to a woman when I was in the store one time. She looked like she was going to pass out from shock!! :cry:

  7. Baglady has given you some great advice!

    My nearest outlet is over 2 hours away so I feel your pain! But, I will say that in the past few months, I have bought a bag and a handful of coach accessories from ebay and have had nothing buy good luck! *knocks on wood*
  8. But did you pay for it at your local outlet? That's the key. You can't just call up an outlet and have them ship it to you at outlet price. At least never that I have heard of.
  9. Yes, I had to pre-pay at my outlet. The OP cannot do that obviously. I see pretty good deals on ebay, some auctions end at or below outlet price!:okay:
  10. I either travel the 5+ hours to the outlet or just buty on ebay. I figure the cost of gas just about equals the price difference I have to pay on ebay. For example: I bought my Leigh on ebay. I paid $330.00 after shipping. The outlets were selling them for around $247.00 or so. I personally know that my time and the cost of gas would be more if I traveled to the outlet so I just bought off ebay. To date I have never had a problem on ebay (*also knocks on wood!) I also check out my only local store-Dillards- for sales.
    I also have a friend in Orlando that I thought about asking to buy for me, but she does not know anything about Coach and she actually thinks I am pretty stupid for spending so much $ on a purse. So I try to keep her out of my business now. Some people just don't know true love:love: when they see it!
  11. lol, your post was hilarious and true ! I have some people around me who are mystified by my obsession too !
  12. Yes :tup: but just be aware not all outlets will LET you do an outlet to outlet ship. Mine doesn't :crybaby: or I would have tons more bags!!!
  13. I feel you, my outlet is about 4 hours away. I usually just buy stuff at the boutique! But that limits what I can get. I guess it is better for me, it kinda keeps me in check, LOL
  14. What outlet so I can add them to my phone?
  15. I end up shopping at the boutiques b/c the outlet is 1 1/2 hours away and it's in Niagara Falls, NY and the limit to spend for a day is $50 in the U.S. If I was to buy something more than $50, I would have to pay the taxes at the Canadian border. So I don't know if it's really worth for me to go the outlet b/c of my day allowance.