what to do when the dry cleaners makes it worse?

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  1. awhile ago i posted on the chanel board about a child puking on my lovely chanel bag and burberry coat at staples :crybaby:

    i had my mom do me a favor and drop the burberry coat off at the dry cleaners. i was upset afterwards (after she already dropped it off) because that place gave me attitude before (about 7 years ago) with a coat that they didn't do a good job cleaning. why oh why did she drop it off there, AGAIN? :Push: sometimes i really don't understand my mother......

    anyway, she told me today that she went to pick it up, and that there was a NEW stain on the sleeve....and the old dirty spots on the sleeves were not gone, still dirty (nothing to do with the incident at staples). she said the lady there got into a bad attitude (just like years before....) and said there's nothing else she can do except we can take her to court. the old spots on the sleeve i can live with but i'm not happy to hear that there is a new stain on the sleeve.

    i havent seen the coat for myself yet.....i'm a bit upset at my mom for taking it to that same dry cleaners when we had problems with them before, but this time it's different, it's not a $50 coat but an $850 one. what can i do?

    thanks ladies.....
  2. urgh the dry cleaners does not sound reasonable or helpful. i don't think they're going to work with you on anything get an attorney to write a letter asking for compensation. threaten to take them to small claims court.... i don't know if u actually want to tkae the time to do that. if you go to the best dry cleaners where u are they could probably take it out. i know one in NYC that could do it. you can google them, it's Madame Paulette. they're are pricey but they'll get the job done....