What to do when the DH or BF...

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  1. packs on a few pounds? make that... 20 pounds? would you tell him? how? why? when?
    and quick he's crushing me in bed. :suspiciou
  2. does it really matter?
  3. no it doesnt REALLY if u get what i mean... health does come first after all. BUUUUUTTTTT......
  4. well, unless he puts on 50 pounds i wouldn't say anything. i know i would be hurt when my boyfriend said something like that to me..
  5. It really depends on how your relationship is...if you can say anything then open up in a polite way. Encourage that you both start something positive together to work on promoting good health and losing weight.
  6. My hubby gained a few pounds 3 years ago...I bought him a gym membership .....and a treadmill...it helped...
  7. I don't think it's a big deal if you tell him. Although, you should know his level of sensitivity and make sure the way you tell him won't offend him. I can only hope my SO is honest with me about things like that!:biggrin:
  8. I do tell my bf straight up that i don't like his belly. He's working on it thou. I agree with Kellybag that if u tell him in a polite way, or it also depends on your relationship.
  9. Try a new position ;] lol, JK.

    Maybe you two can work out together, it could be fun!
  10. I would be reeaaaalllllllly careful about how you tell him. Chances are, if he's conscious of his body, he's already noticed the weight gain and is possibly insecure about it. Guys have such fragile little egos-

    imagine how you would feel if you put on some weight, and your s/o was like "omg, you're crushing me in bed- lose some pounds, fatty!" That would be soooooooo hurtful.

    Just... be really sublte about suggesting he eat healthier, and get some exercise ( in the name of his cardiovasuclar health).

    Good luck!
  11. Agreed. I would have no problem telling my husband this in a respectful and non-hurtful tone. 20 leads to 30... you get the picture.
  12. If you do decide to say anything, I'd be careful of the payback. Be ready for his comments to you if you should (heaven forbid) gain any weight. Dorothy Parker said, "Women and elephants never forget." However, I think women, elephants, and men who have had their feelings hurt never forget!
  13. This is sooooo true!! I've been trying to tell my DH for the last couple of years-- even suggesting we work out together!
  14. True that~ :amazed: My bf recently quit smoking so he has been eating like mad lately since he now got this huge appetite. He put on quite alot of weight but it actually makes him look GOOD since he was really skinny before he quit smoking. However, I sense his insecurity since he'll "joke" about his weight whenever I'm around him. I just have to constantly reassure him that he looks better than before. :lol: I think it's cute that guys have the same insecurity as the ladies so do be careful about how you tell him. Maybe invite him to the gym with you next time or better yet try to burn more calories when you guys are in bed. ;)
  15. I agree here. Maybe instead fo telling him, maybe you can just ask him to go for a walk, hike or etc... See what he das to say.