What To Do When Tassells Annoy You?

  1. I have fallen in love with the matinee.....BUT, I don't like the tassells. I'm eyeing the Jade and Hazelnut from the SS 08 collection, but I see several colors from past seasons that I'd love to have (and they'd hopefully be discounted) such as the wine and midnight/pewter but the problem is those darn tassells. I know I'm probably the minority...but does anyone else here not like them? And is there anything I could do to replace them somehow? I'm not an art&crafts kind of girl so I don't really know anything about replacement zipper pulls and whatnot. Every day I come in here and do a search on matinees and then drool over everyone's pics. I really want one. :sad: Any advice?
  2. You could always take the tassels off and put on a charm, clip or keyring to use as a pull as well. Or (cringe) cut them short.
  3. So if I used charms I'd need four right? Main compartment, front pocket and two sides? Has anyone done this? Any charm suggestions?
  4. ^5! There's a long pocket on both the front AND back. GUNG would be the resident expert here on tassel modification. Maybe it's possible to get the new RM zip pulls directly from RM?
  5. Ok, thanks mockinglee, I'll have to send GUNG a pm.
  6. I was wondering the same thing, good point.
  7. what about doing something like this ...

    Or removing the tassel and adding a charm?
    beautiufl pink.jpg first pinik.jpg
  8. Charm.
  9. The charms seem like a good idea. I'm going to have to look more into this.
  10. ^ Agree, but too many might be overkill - wouldn't want your bag to look like a Christmas tree with ornaments! :wlae:
  11. ^^lol, yeah maybe regular zipper pulls and then a charm on the front pocket. I think that might look nice.
  12. I think I may remove the front tassel and put a charm on. Just see how it works out.
  13. I'm a tassle lover but I like the charn idea- very cute.
  14. The tassels at time can get a bit annoying. For some reason they always bang up against my car as I'm getting in and out of it. I guess if I wasn't so lazy I could prevent this by getting out of my car and THEN reaching in to get my bag. The charm is a cute idea...but I think it would make me look a bit childish.