What to do when seller ships using different method?

  1. OK, I bought an item from a seller whose auction said the item would ship via usps priority mail and would arrive in 2-3 days. It's been 7 mailing days since I paid (which was April 24) and I don't have the item yet.

    I emailed the seller and asked for a tracking number. She said she mailed them via ups and the number she gave me was completely inaccurate so I couldn't track it on ups's website. She claims the item will arrive tomorrow, May 3. That's 8 mailing days after I paid, not the 2-3 I was expecting.

    So my issue is that I paid a premium for priority mail and I didn't get it. I've asked for a partial refund for shipping and I've received no response.

    Any suggestions or am I out of luck on this one? It's a good thing I didn't need the item quickly!
  2. That is annoying! You should ask them exactly when it shipped out, perhaps they were slow getting it to ups. I guess I always assume that ups is faster and more expensive than the usps but I guess ground ups can take forever.

    I recently paid extra for usps priority shipping (the seller's default was 1st class) and was getting concerned that the package was taking so long (it was a tiny item, I'm a bit embarassed to admit what it was. Ok, it was an Alf pillowcase for my boyfriend!:shame: )

    Anyway, when the item finally arrived it clearly showed that it was sent 1st class! I know it was only a difference of about $2 but it's the principle!
  3. This has happened to me too.

    Bought a tote, with $8 shipping USPS (per noted in the auction.)

    tote was sent parcel as USPS was more expensive for the seller and parcle was all my $8 would cover. (so instead of 3 days shipping time...I got it in 11)

    umm...NOT MY FAULT! I agreed to her terms, paid her what she wanted, and she shipped a different method. She should have eated the cost of sending it USPS.

    I messaged her my concern, she told me I would be placed on her blocked bidder's list. My response? "I wouldn't buy from a dishonest person anyway..."

    She had already left me positive feedback...I should have left neutral or neg...but I didn't bother leaving feedback at all...

    SO...to sum it up...if you are a seller and you miscalc the price for noted shipping, you should suck it up and pay it...to save face with your buyers.

    From a buyers perspective...yes, it's not a huge deal cost wise - it's the PRINCIPLE of it all...and some sellers don't get that.

    < end rant >
  4. but do you now have a trackingnumber? so you can see for yourself?
  5. I think you can complain to eBay somewhere. Just threaten her with that and maybe she'll give you a wee bit of a refund