What to do when my blood sugar drops?

  1. If i don't eat enough during the day my blood sugar will drop in the afternoon and it's almost instant. I get all shaky...feel weird... and i crave anything and EVERYTHING. it usually happens at work so i don't have a whole lot of options besides the stash of candy i keep in my drawer and some odds and ends in my food drawer.

    just now it crashed and i ate two pieces of sliced cheese and a mini 3 muskateers bar. i'm starting to feel a little bit better but i'd like to know what I could eat that would make the level go up quicker so that i'm not wanting to stuff my face with everything within reach.
  2. Have a good breakfast would be my advice and then have a light yet healthy lunch. If you're feeling nibbley inbetween, why not have a seed and raisin mix or a yoghurt (or both!) When I was working I used to get this as well but as as soon as I adopted the above approach the whole crash thing just disappeared.
  3. If you suddenly find yourself desperate, drink apple juice (like Juicy Juice, though. REAL juice, not that stuff with HFCS.) That'll get you back up quickly. Then go eat something like nuts or cheese (protein). Try not to use sugar other than the juice (like, don't eat candy) because you may just have the same problem later.

    I usually head the whole thing off by eating whole grains and protein at breakfast and lunch. (And not a big lunch! That's what does me in the fastest.)
  4. My dad has blood sugar crashes too, and he says that if he has anything sugary around lunchtime, he gets low blood sugar in the afternoon. Maybe try having a lunch with more protein and less carbs, and don't drink soda/sweet juice with it?
  5. Go buy low glycemic protein bars and keep one with you at all times. They will elevate your blood sugar but not too high, give you the protein and carb mix you need.
  6. sounds like hypoglycemia which is what I have.

    I was told by my doctor to grab a candy bar.

    I was told by my nutrionist that it takes 15 minutes for sugar to react to food which is why you continue to stuff your face for the full 15 minutes..

    SHE said to drink a glass of skim milk and lie down and wait out the 15 minutes.

    good luck.
  7. thanks everyone! i think i will try a mixture of everyone's suggestions and see what works best - i usually have apple juice here (but just ran out :sad: ) so i think i'll go out and buy some juice boxes that can be kept out of the fridge.
    i have a friend who told me to drink some pepsi since the sugar content is high but I was hoping there was a more healthier option. not that i don't love pop because i do! but i usually try to stay away from pop during the week and i don't keep it here.
  8. The same thing happens to me. I get shaky, feel warm, and my heart beats fast... I eat a banana and sometimes a 6 ounce glass of orange juice (usually the kind with 50% less sugar). HTH. :smile:
  9. You can buy glucose tablets at Walmart or any pharmacy... they're 15 calories each, fruit flavored, come in a small tube that you can throw into your desk or purse (costs like $1.50/tube for 10 tablets or so). They're made specifically for low blood sugar. You just eat 1-2 tablets and you'll start feeling better in a few minutes. Follow that up with something like a granola bar that has a little fiber and protein and that will help stabilize your blood sugar so you don't crash again :smile:
  10. That's true about the glucose tablets. I totally forgot! I keep them in my purse in case I'm out running around and get LBS. It happened today because I took my daughter to lunch and ate more than I normally do.
  11. this is a very helpful thread. i didn't know about glucose tablets and i think my stomach shrank when i got pregnant... i'm supposed to eat more often during the day but sometimes that is just impossible to be on schedule. a quick pick me up till i can get some real carb/protein is exactly what i need sometimes.
  12. I also have this problem once in a while if I don't eat enough protein. But in a crisis I do just grab some sugar, juice or fruit but then try to balance it out with some kind of protien. Yogurt with fruit is a good snack. Always have meals with a good amount of protein and complex carbs. Too much sugar and simple carbs will make you crash more often.

    There was a time when I used to eat 6 small meals a day, more like snacks than meals but it kept my blood sugar very stable. During times of stress it's better for me to do that. I am not diabetic. Grazing is good for people. Eating small amounts of food throughout the day instead of long periods between eating.
  13. I have had low blood sugar all my life.. but it comes and goes.. Sometimes. I have it for weeks and then not again for 6 months or so.. WHY? No clue.

    What I've been doing is carrying a bar.. like a zara bar.. or a kind bar(can be bought at whole foods/or trader joes). and it has both the protein (as they have nuts) as well as the sugar. More of a natural sugar.

    I have found that the trick is you need both sugar AND protein and if you eat a bar when you start to feel an attack coming on.. It does work.. I try to eat a bar every morn. between 11 and 12.. and this seems to be working for me.

    Just fyi.
  14. Oh and I'm not a diabetic and I dont 'test for the low blood sugar,, but I do have it.. and have been told. there are people who don't test positive for it.. yet have it all the same ,.

    I've had several 5 hour glucose tolerance test. and have 'low blood sugar attacks. while I'm 'having the test.. but the test comes out FINE.. Go figure that one out. LOL
  15. That's funny HB, I too go for periods when it doesn't happen then it starts up again. Maybe it's a bit involved with out hormones or stress going on in our lives. I KNOW when things are particularly hectic for me it happens more often even when I watch what I eat.

    I have to be careful because in my work, mostly up on a ladder, I could get dizzy and fall and break my head off. :p