what to do when item not received - USPS fault?


Jul 27, 2008
in all my years on ebay before, thank goodness i've never really had a negative experience....

but i won an item on 8/18, paid for it immediately. i got an email from paypal stating seller had shipped item on 8/19/08 via USPS priority mail (which normally takes 2-3 business days), with tracking number.

well, i checked everyday or so, and the tracking webpage stated that the item had been processed and left their facility on 8/19/08... however, it is now 8/29 (10 days and 8 business days later), and STILL NO PACKAGE! and the tracking webpage has not been updated, it still says the same thing...

i called the 1800USPS number, and it says there is no information on my package. i called my post office and they said that they didn't receive the item, because if so, it would have been scanned and updated on the online tracking system to reflect that...

now, i emailed the seller and she has been very responsive, calling her own post office, and USPS is now conducting an investigation on the package. i hope they eventually find it, or maybe somehow it just got lost in the shuffle and still on its way (very late) to me...

but i've never had any problems with shipping before. what do you do in this situation? do you ask the seller for a refund? do you file item not received on ebay?? i really don't believe this is the seller's fault, but USPS. i don't want to make an enemy of the seller, but i really would hate to have paid for something that i don't end up receiving.

please advice... thanks!


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Well, as the buyer you are completely covered via Paypal Buyer protection.

If the item doesn't show delivered you will win the Paypal claim and Paypal will refund you. Then it will be up to the seller to complete the insurance claim (if she purchased it) through the P.O. to get her money back for the lost item. If it was mailed on 8/19 then today is the 10th day? You can file the claim and if it shows up at your house before the claim is closed by Paypal then you could just close the claim.

CandyJanney just had one of these experiences, but in that case I highly doubt her seller ever mailed the package.

File the claim if you don't get it tomorrow and then let the seller deal with the P.O.


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Oct 4, 2006
I have had a package sent to me Priority Mail. I received it 6 weeks after it was sent...

Just make sure if she refunds you, that you do not open it when it arrives - write "refused" on it. But if you still want it, just repay her the money via paypal.