What to do when friend is revealed as racist?

May 18, 2007
And we had better be careful not to even appear to be starting a game of "Whose people have suffered most and longest" or the Jews will smell it a mile away and come in here and take on the indigenous people of the Americas and matzohs and tortillas and frybread will be flying all over the place.

I'd rather ask a Yemeni and an Ethiopian where coffee really came from first.
i have the chittlerings and other left over pig scraps ready!



Jan 16, 2009
I trying to make this as anonymous as possible. Ok so when i work I am a junior and I'm very friendly with everyone we always go out outside work and have fun, everything is pretty rosey. So anyway tonight I went out with a very close friend of mine (outside work) as we were walking down to our restaurant we heard someone shouting. As the voyeurs we are we turned around to see what the fuss was over. We turn to see an Asian cab driver waving a long pole and someone i recognize from work. the person i recognized then screamed "F*ck you! You f*cking cab drivers, Your lucky to be in this f*cking country, F*ckign Asians" I was so shocked and appalled that someone to my senior (age and position) would say such a thing. I turned my head and hoped that they didn't see me I'm about 60% sure they did though.

I highly respected this person and now i don't know what to think of them. The irony behind this is that the person themselves is an immigrant, i mean if it was ignorant person but they themselves are so hypocritical!!!! My friend suggested i confront them and later tell someone above me what i witnessed and how it reflects upon the company. I really don't know what to do I don't think i can look this person in the eye ever again and ever be able to give them any respect. there is no excuse for this despite whatever the cab driver did?!
Don't know how this turned out but I would be more concerned with that fact that the Asian cab driver was visibly threatening bodily injury to your co-worker than I would be with the comment your co-worker made about the cab driver ethnicity. Of course he's going to say something like that when being threatened with a weapon. People are too PC anymore. I'm Polish. My grandmother immigrated here when she was just a girl. She lived as a housekeeper with a Jewish family who treated her well and helped her to learn English. Every now and then people who know my ethnicity will call me a Pollock in jest of course and I take 0 offense to it. As a child my grandmother would have to hide in haystacks at the age of 8 to avoid being raped and killed by the Russian soldiers(I"m part Russian also). She bravely came to this country to start a new life with her brother and sister only. She has(had) another sister in Poland who was not allowed admittance to the ships because she had cataracts. My gradmother's mother decided she would stay behind with the sister and her husband and 3 children would come without them. While in the camp the people would look for scrap metal from bombs and what not..unfortunately my grandfather came upon, I believe it was a live grenade and was killed in the camp. My grandmother's mother was so determined to get her children out of Poland that she asked a male family friend to pretend the 3 children were his so they could go aboard the ship. He did this for the family and once in America the children were on there own. My grandmother married had 4 children..one of them being my dad, learned English and before all of her strokes and heart attacks was damn good cook. She was like a second mom to me. She died when I was 18. I'm 40 now and not a day goes by that I don't wish she were here..so if that's what being a Pollock is all about(at least in my family) then bring it on. All I know is this was one brave girl make the trip of a lifetime, not knowing what would happen, not knowing anyone in America and taking a chance on starting a new life. If you're TRULY proud of your heritage,ethnicity and family history then the name calling and stereotyping should roll right off your back. My name is lee14k..proud to be an Italian, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish and an American but more importantly a member of my family because all those years ago a young girl took a chance, came to America and here I am thanks to her bravery! Call me a Pollock. Make the jokes. I know my family's history and I am DAMN PROUD OF IT!