What to do when fake LV received as gift?

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  1. I give it away and let the other receiver know it's fake.
  2. I will just keep it at home. ;)
  3. I don't think it'll hurt if you keep it. I think it was just a token of appreciation of what you did. I don't think it says anything about you, but more that she appreciates you and notices you like things with the LV symbol.

    There are people in this world that think that LV purses are authentic, even if they come from a Chinatown boutique.
  4. Even though it's a fake, it was a nice gesture to give something to you. I wouldn't use a fake either but I'd keep it in my closet for those times when I need a cheap throw away item just in case it might get dirty where I'm going.

    I've been given fake items before by people who know the real & the fake but buy it because it's cute & they thought of me. I'm sure there are people out there that bought fake items without knowing it was fake too. :Push:
  5. someone gave me a fake lv coinpurse once for christmas with 500$ in it....lol it was weird...i threw it in the garbage after i took the money out..
  6. I like the idea of digging a hole & burying it in the backyard.

    I would never donate a fake ~ what the heck is that all about?

    I get the impression that this person knew just exactly she was doing ~ some people think it's OK to give cheap stuff but wouldn't personally be caught dead with it themselves. wow.
  7. First, you handled this well. It would have been rude to point out that it was fake, and as has been noted, not everyone knows the difference and cares about the issue of real vs fake like we do.
    I agree that you should keep it and donate it in a few months. If it is a situation where you will see her and she might ask about it then just let her know you are using it for other keys.