What to do when fake LV received as gift?

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  1. If it hasn't fallen apart as yet, damage it in some way.

    Next time you see this person act really devastated (even pretend to cry :crybaby:) and show them the damaged key holder.

    Ask the person what Louis Vuitton boutique they purchased it from as you want to return it and get it swapped or repaired.

    Sit back and enjoy the reaction. :graucho:

    With a bit of luck, they will offer to get it repaired for you and bring you back a real one. If they bring back another fake just start the process over again.

    That should teach them to never buy another fake!!
  2. You did the right thing by accepting the gift and being gracious. I would just toss it in the back of the closet and not worry about it. Are there any kids in the family that would get some enjoyment from playing with it?

    I definitely wouldn't donate it because as others have mentioned someone might buy it thinking it was real.
  3. i would eat it

    but im worried about indigestion :throwup:
  4. maybe the person doesn't have any concept of brands and doesn't know that it's even an LV in the first place? My mother is one such person - she is absolutely brand unconscious, and she doesn't recognize LV/Gucci or the cost of it. It's nice that you were gracious about it, just put it away or give it to a child.
  5. Well, I deceided I won't be able to use this thing. Not even to entertain the person that gave it to me. I also couldn't bring myselft to give it to anyone else either. It's strange cause the lady that gave it to me is a very stylish and well dressed person. I have not noticed her carry LV or designer bags, but I still find it hard to believe she didn't know this thing was fake.
  6. I know I would cringe with the thought of using anything fake, but maybe in this case, since it is a small item and in your bag most of the time, you could probably use it 1st without any care...fakes don't last long anyway, so you would have the perfect reason to toss it once it gets damaged. And if she does ask abt it, tell her the truth without feeling guilty.
  7. No pics??? Bummer! Ugh, what a predicament. I would probably tell her in confidence that it was counterfeit and you didn't feel comfortable using it.
  8. Take a hammer to it:smash:...if she asks about it tell her it broke.

    (with a bit of luck she'll go out and buy you a replacement :lol: j/k)
  9. That's a tough spot to be in. I would probably use it for my work keys for a week or so and then tell her it broke or something.
  10. Don't donate fakes... keep them out of circulation, or write "FAKE" on them! :wtf:
  11. Keep it on your desk in plain sight for a week. Then shove it in a desk drawer for a month. At the end of the month, discreetly remove it from the office.

    Be sure to let her see it on your desk.
  12. Keep it and dont use it or just give it to your maid or something.
  13. This person gave you this to show her appreciation, You were right to accept it graciously, even if you don't want it. I was taught to believe people mean more then "things", and even if you love Louis Vuitton bags and accessories (I do too) Remember, they are just things!
  14. Completely agreed :tup::heart:
  15. Great idea !! :lol: