What to do when fake LV received as gift?

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  1. Wow, that's a toughie. I don't think you're an ungrateful witch at all, in fact, I'd probably feel the way you do. I'd like to give that person the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps they didn't know/think much about giving you a fake. You did the right thing in thanking her, but that doesn't mean you have to carry it.

    Instead, in the future sometime, ask her where she got it, so you can report that place to the proper authorities...and if they need some evidence, give them the keyholder ^_^
  2. perhaps return it? and say you cant accept such an extravagant gift :idea:
  3. honestly, I will throw it away
  4. Its fake so its supposed to be destoryed... counterfeit items are illegal. The best way to make sure that they are not resold after they are donated is to simply destroy it yourself and throw it out.

    I am sorry this had to happen to you. What an awkward situation. I would say don't use it and keep it for a while. If it wouldn't kill you, use it once when you see your friend and then you can have your way with it. It would help spare their feelings if they dont' know real from fake and also solves you the problem when they ask whether you have used it or not since they can see you using it! =)
  5. keep it in the closet.
  6. i will just throw it off.
  7. I'd just keep it in my cupboard not throw it out - it's not poisonous or radioactive.

    If I were you I'd let her see me use it for a week and then I'd put it in the cupboard in case I was ever asked about again.

    I don't know about everyone else but I was taught that it was the thought that counts, even if fakes do suck.
  8. Yeh I think so too.
  9. I suggest that you don't throw it away. You can give it to a litle kid (cousin, niece, etc) to store her money. Even though it's a fake, it's STILL something and was made out of something. I would not throw it away because I'd feel I "wasted" some sort of material just because it's not real LV. It's kind of like, I'd throw away a t-shirt that was not real Bebe. There are some people that would appreciate the shirt, and I'm sure someone will appreciate the fake LV.

    I know fakes are illegal, but since it's already made, might as well make a good use out of it rather than waste stuff, right?
  10. I would toss it. Please don't donate it - someone who doesn't know any better might buy it thinking it's real.

    I do agree that she probably didn't know the first thing about LVs and meant well.
  11. Is it a style that looks remotely like one made by LV? You could buy the real one and start using it and maybe she wouldn't notice.
  12. Guys, read your own posts carefully! - You think it's wrong and offensive to be presented fake LV's and at the same time you say something like "donate it later" or "Maybe you can give it to someone or something" - and after all these words you have the nerves to say that you aren't snobs??? How dare you!
  13. completely agree!! :yes:
  14. give it to a child in the family..
  15. ^ same thing happened to me and i gave it to my 8 year old sister .. (it was a bag).. she liked it !!.. she kept like her scrunchies in there lol