What to do when an item appears to be lost in the mail?

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  1. I have an item I purchased that should've been delivered on Feb. 18th. According to the tracking number, it never left the USPS sorting facility in New York City. Where do I go from here? Do I file a lost item claim with USPS? What does eBay do in this situation? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. First of all, ignore the "should have been delivered on _____" date; USPS has been really behind.

    Where is the item coming from? If it's coming from overseas, it will take longer for it to leave a sorting facility and show up at a local post office.

    If the item doesn't show up, you'll need to contact the seller, and the seller will be responsible for refunds / lost item claims.

  3. Thanks for responding. It's coming from NYC to Denver, CO. I contacted the seller and they told me that I would have to contact USPS because they fulfilled their responsibility by providing tracking. I was wondering about this because they are the ones who physically mailed it out and I don't know if they put my address on the package correctly, etc.
  4. If you file an INR the seller will have to show proof of delivery-----contrary to what she thinks she is responsible. If she can't you will be refunded. It really is a cut and dried process.
  5. ^^ This.

    Also, when was the item shipped, and how was it shipped?
  6. Poopsie is absolutely right.

    It's the seller's job to track the package down, not yours.
  7. It was shipped USPS with tracking, on Feb. 13th. The Last update was on the 13th; it was dispatched to the sort facility in NY, NY. Also, what is an INR?
  8. Is there anything on eBay's website that I can point her too to show her she's responsible for refunding or tracking it down?
  9. Sorry, I meant, was it shipped first class / parcel / priority...?

    INR = Item Not Received. If it doesn't arrived, that's the type of claim that you'll file with eBay or PayPal.

  10. First-class package service featuring USPS tracking.
  11. First class can take up to two weeks, so I wouldn't worry about this yet. If it hasn't shown up by this time next week, I'd contact the seller again; if she's still not responsive at that point, you can open a claim to get your money back.
  12. I didn't think first class could take this long.....are you sure your not thinking of parcel post?
  13. I had that a few weeks ago - I called the PO and opened a case. Sometimes it just sits there and once you open a case things move along quickly.
  14. 7-10 business days is a best bet. Last Mon was a holiday so nothing moved 15-18.