What to do? What to do?

  1. It's been posted that the seasoned Chloe gals have learned to be patient in order to grab their "deals and steals" and that eventually their "find" will emerge "at a value".

    My God I've seen it with me and my sister, but I'm starting to hedge and hence I am tempted (gasp) to pay full price for a Chloe bag.

    Okay, I really want the medium Chloe pocket Paddington in a cream. I've only seen it at one location and can not find it any where else. I will have to cough up around 1500 dollars or wait for the darn thing to go on sale, which it probably will not, since we're approaching Spring fast and furious. Do you see cream bags go on sale in a popular Paddy? Do they tend to sell out like the black. Whaaaaa......what to do, what to do...

    BTW I should be on a serious purse ban but that's just a minor detail.:nuts:
  2. Hi susierb! From what I've observed, if you're not very particular about style, colour and line, you are sure to find a lot of Chloé bags at huge discounts. However, being that the creme Paddy is always popular, it might be harder to find that on sale, or even available at full price for very long unless you go to eBay. Still, once in a while some women are lucky.

    I hope you find that creme Paddy, I know how it feels to long for a bag and yet cringe at having to pay full price for it.
  3. Oh girl don't I know it? The problem all other bags just pale incomparison to the one I want but it's crazy and I have to stop.

    BTW I admire your staunch purse stance till 11/07. I should be there too but somehow I don't think I'll make it till next month!!!:crybaby:
  4. hmm, try to keep an open mind about the colors I guess.

    I can totally relate to your experience, I'd been hunting for a blanc paddy for 3 months, and guess what? I ended up with an orange! at a great deal of course.

    My ordeal started w/Bluefly, a mastic medium paddy for $1087, but it was defective, missing a metal peg and looking back now that I'm more familiar with paddys it most likely was a fake. Then LVR had that 30% off sale, again I ordered a mastic, but it was cancelled due to cc issues. I looked on eBay but was always skeptical. It was just not meant to be! I was ready to pay full price for the s/s07 blanc.

    Finally a dear TPer found a great deal on an orange for 60% off and I jumped at it. I'm not a vivid color gal, my closet is blue/black/white, yet I think this orange can be a great addition to my wardrobe, because it can bring a sense of fun and chic to it.

    With that said, really try to keep an open mind, other colors can be nice too. Chloe's colors are very nice in general. An ivory paddy on sale is nice, but a different color paddy at a great discount is irresistable, you know? :smile:
  5. That does give me some food for thought? Blue perhaps? I'm in a rut too since all I gravitate towards are earth shades, safe ya know.

    Thank you that gives me allot to ponder.
  6. Warning!! :ninja:

    If you get a gorgeous color at a great price, you will likely *stlll* want the color that caught your eye to begin with! LOL

    I had a similar experience, I bought my much desired first Chloe on Bluefly (an UGLY FAKE). After that I was bent on having one at any cost. I grabbded the first one I found in mousse. A lovely wonderful color. :yes:

    Only I still wanted chocolate!! And I bought two more before I found choco :love:

    But still I wasn't done!!

    Because in my heart of hearts I was really in love with the first paddy I ever saw, a blanc :heart:
  7. I have yet to pay full price for a Chloe.

    Ebay is my best friend - Saks Off 5th helped me once too.

    Ebay is great - just make sure you use the "authenticate this!" thread to make sure it is not fake.

    Good luck!!!

  8. Don't I know that too well!!! Many of you know how I pined and pined for that large solid colour Whiskey Tracy I saw at Printemps and when I came back to the US, I located the Chocolate, paid 50% off for it and I love the bag and all, but...

    I still dream about the solid Whiskey!:hysteric:

    I'm supposed to on a purse ban until November but if I see that bag on sale anywhere, I can tell you without a doubt that that ban goes out the window! :jammin:

  9. Arrrrrgggggghhhhh you are RIGHT. People like us will buy other bags for the deals and NEVER purchase the one we really want but in the mean time we've spent MORE money than if we had just bought the original bag at full price. Don't I know this. I do this with my primitive anitques. Now here begs another question about putting your find on ebay for tpf authenitification link, let's say it's your "IT" bag,the heart pounder that you've been eyeing like forever? Well once you flag it on the Authentification link, you have your competition now well aware that they can snag this particular purse. Such a twist in decisions. Are their protocalls??????/:cursing:
  10. Many times when I get a bag full price, it goes down in price several months later. Since Chloe bags are marked down every once in awhile I just make myself wait. I have managed to snag two bags that I really wanted on sale, and I figure the ones that I don't manage to get are not for me. But the main reason I was able to get some of the bags I wanted was because of my relationship with my SA. Who is wonderful :yes: I tell her what I like and if she ever sees it on sale I definitely want it, and every time she sees one I want she calls me immediately.

    Besides that particular location have you seen it at any of the online stores? Like Net-a-porter? Their Chloe bags do go on sale a lot. Do you know how many of the Paddington in cream is left at the place you found it at? If they have a lot and they are not moving, it is possible that it could go down in price. What I sometimes do is copy down the UPC number or whatever number they use to identify the bag and call the stores to check their system every once in awhile. If their stock looks low to me, then I would consider buying a bag full price. If they have a lot I would wait. But I have also never purchased a Chloe at its full price.

  11. Great deal! :biggrin:

    I think orange is beautiful with blue clothing and it can be surprisingly flattering for people with blue eyes, as it makes them look bluer. :yes:
  12. thanks chloehandbangs, =) I got the bag today! I think I'm in love :love:
  13. just so you know, i saw a medium blanc (popular color) on sale at elizthomas.com. not really low but still on sale and she works great with customers so maybe she'd work with you on price : ) hope that helps
  14. Hi there,
    I personally think that if you have your heart set on a certain colour then you should just go for it. I bought mine at full price 6 months ago and is now available at 30% off.... do I care? Not one little bit!! Not because I have lots of money (I wish!) But because I have carried my beauty around with me for 6 months loving every minute.
    Also I do believe cream paddys seem to hold their value.
    Go with your gut instinct!!:girlsigh:
  15. ridiculousy off topic, but your avatar cat is ADORABLE!

    i think if it's what you've had your heart set on get it, and not a cheaper substitute...you'll always want what you cant have till you finally get it. and when you think about it, a few hundred more dollars for your dream bag is worth not settling for a second color that will make you desire that dream bag every time you use it and think you were saving $$.....it will gt stuck in your mind....make yourself happy and get that dream bag!