What to Do, What to Do....

  1. Good job! I figured it would be about $10 and you are being fair offering a market rate, lol. I hope this makes her happy and you guys can end this transaction on a very good note.

  2. I would see what she is going to do now... call her bluff.. she wants

    the shoes its $10 to fix the issue and let's see what her next move is...
  3. I guess this is my lesson of the day: Do not always think the worst of people.

    She was fine with the $10 and said she had a cobbler right across the street that she uses so she will take them there.

    ETA: Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions!!!
  4. YAY! Congratulations and good job. I'm glad you had an honest buyer. You are right about not thinking the worst of people right off the bat. Too bad all those crappy buyers out there have put so many of us on the edge right away, lol.
  5. Good this worked out well... for you & the buyer
  6. yay! This could have gone to hell in a handbasket quickly if she had bad intentions.
    I am so relieved for you!