What to do?! What to do?!

  1. hi ladies...i am seriously need your help..

    I just purchase my 2nd paddy 30 min ago..its a 05 chocolate paddy...(first one is a 06 blanc paddy)
    but now i saw theres a Aubergine metallic onsale.....:upsidedown:
    should i get her?
    compare chocolate and Aubergine metallic...which one do you prefer..?!

    really need to do some decision...

    55_1.jpg 0085.jpg
  2. 05 CHOCO!!!!

    I had several 06 bags which were awesome, but then I got my first 05 (followed quickly by another). They are really special!!! The leather is different, the dye processing is unique and all in all, they are just a fantastic piece.

    I would never ever trade an 05 bag, esp in choco, for a metallic.

    But that's just me- LOL!
  3. I got the metallic aubergine from NAP; I happen to think it is a beautiful colour. I also happen to dislike the chocolate and most dark shades. Only YOU can make a decision. Buy both if you can't decide. Many of us here have quite a few Paddies ;)
  4. Tough call. I'm considering the metallic one myself (I don't own any Paddingtons yet though) as I love anything purple/aubergine but I really like that chocolate colour. It's also a lot less likely to date.

  5. Ditto!! I share the exact same story. 05' Choco all the way!!:yes:
  6. Definately the 05 choco. My friend's metallic paddy started peeling off after a month, she had to bring in back to exchange for a mouse.

    If you do a search there are some of ladies here with the same experience of the metallic paddy peeling too.

    I was torn between a gold n blanc paddy and ended up buying the blanc one. I have no regrets!
  7. The 05 choco- it's much more classic and will match well with many different outfits.
  8. just to confuse you more, I am going to vote Aubergine. It is a much more unusual colour, and you have a nice classic colour with your cream one :biggrin:
  9. Yikes, really? Maybe I don't want one after all.
  10. I think the problem was with the very first metallic that came out. The process has changed, and I do not know of any problems with the newer metallic bags :smile:
  11. A-ha, that's good to know!
  12. Very happy to know..:rolleyes: I just bought one too!!:lol:
  13. I've just been talked out of getting the aubergine.... I must stay STRONG to my purse ban. However, I have seen the aubergine in real life, and it is DIVINE:drool:
  14. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate:graucho::heart:
  15. OMG.....everybody have a different answer...:lol:

    this is tough....

    why they make so many beautiful pieces......

    but i will keep the 05 one...since i dont have any paddy from 05..
    and it seems amazing..!!!

    still did not make my mind whether should i get another one or not...:wlae:
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