What to do,what to do?

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  1. I thought I would post this here because only lovers of LV could understand my predicament. I have really been wanting to get a Speedy 30. I've never really been interested in that style but for some reason I really like it now. My DH is in the Navy and on deployment right now and promises me that he will buy it for me when he gets back in April. I don't really want to wait that long and told him so. He didn't get me anything for Christmas because he says that the purse will be my Christmas gift. That will be in 4 months. He said that he wants to be there to see the look on my face when I buy it. I told him I would have someone take pics of the look on my face,lol. Finally he said that if I really couldn't wait then go buy the purse. So do I go buy the purse and make myself very happy or do I wait until he comes back in 4 months and hope that he remembers that he promised to take me to buy it. Ugh! I really want it NOW. What should I do or what would you do??
  2. I say go get it now and have someone take pics, lol. He'll get a kick out of that since he is so far away from home. Tell him he can take you back to LV when he gets home in April and get you an accessory :p
  3. you can buy it now and open it when he arrives in april. goodluck!
  4. Hmm, tough call, it depends how sentimental you are. If you wait until he comes back it will have more meaning, you'll always think of it as the purse your DH bought you when he came back from deployment.

    However, I personally feel that being without your DH for that long is freaking hard enough as it is, so I think you should get it now, you deserve something nice right now :yes:
  5. Um I would have to say that you should go ahead and buy it and send him some pics as mentioned above by rbeccatexas. Then maybe when he comes back in April he could take you and get something else.

  6. yeah... since we all can wait for 4 months and NOT use a newly bought LV...................................................................... :nuts:

    your situation is really a dilemma... you want that bag so bad but on the other hand you want to share the whole experience with your dh...
    tricky.......... :sad:
    i'd wait till your dh comes back home since it's a gift from him! :smile:

    good luck!!!
  7. This is a tough call, but I think you should wait until your husband can see you open the package. I think it would mean so much to him, and I think you will be glad that you waited.
  8. I would probably get it, but that doesn't mean its the right thing to do;).
  9. Wait for your husband! It seems like it's important to him.
  10. Find yourself a picture of the bag & tape it up next to a pic of DH where you can enjoy it.
    Then wait for him. I think it'll mean a lot to both of you.

  11. :tup::tup:
    He said he love to see your face when he buys so the speedy, so I say: WAIT! It will be fun to go to the boutique together!
  12. My husband says go and get it. He says if he were your husband, he would take into consideration the fact that you're home without him and would want you to have it as a distraction from the fact that you miss your husband.

    My opinion is to wait. Just because of the great feeling you can share with him when he goes with you.
  13. if you can, wait for him! If not, then just take pictures, lol
  14. I say wait. It seems like it really means a lot to him to be there when you buy it. It just makes it that much more special and gives you something to look forward to.
  15. It seems like it would mean a lot to your husband if you wait. So, if you can, wait until he comes back.