What to do, what to do.

  1. Okay so yesterday around 5:00 p.m. right around the time my hubby's father shows up for Christmas there, outside on our deck is a lost dog. The dog is super friendly, well behaved with NO COLLAR! She is very lovable and I can tell she is an inside dog just by her mannerisms. She can sit and lay down and will give you her paw when asked for it. Well we went out last night and drove up and down our road, mind you we live in the country with about 10 houses total on my mile and a half road. We see no signs of anyone "looking" for a missing dog. Well when we got back we decided to give the pup some water and a little bit of food, our cat's food, because we do not have any dogs and did not want to give the dog people food. My hubby also took a towel out there and put it in one of our deck chairs. Well the dog slept on our deck all night and was still there this morning when we left for work. She would not leave. We are already attached and worried about it. If it is still there this evening when we get home we were going to make up signs to put out that we "found" this dog. I know this dog belongs to someone, that much we can tell, but why were they not out looking for her last night? I also feel bad leaving her outside at night, if she is an inside dog. My hubby says I am worrying to much about that because dogs will survive outside in 30 degree weather and up into the 50's today, but I just feel bad. I am just not sure what to do if no one claims her. My cat will not like having another animal around but she is just too cute and lovable to give to the shelter and if no one claims her we all know what happens. I guess I just needed to get this off my chest. Any suggestions??
  2. I know if the owner comes looking for her that is great but what if they don't? Would you keep her? Anyone?
  3. If the owners never came forward, I'd keep the dog if she got along with all of the animals I already have. :yes:

    Sounds like she found the perfect family to give her all the love she deserves... you! ;)
  4. My DH and I have talked about getting a dog, but our cat is 11 years old and very territorial. My DH says that the cat will get used to the dog, but that could take some time. I really hope that today the dog's owners have come and found her. She deserves to be in a happy home. And of course if the need arises we could give it to her, for sure.
  5. I'm glad that she "found" you! Have you called the local shelters or Veterinarian's office? They are probably the first place someone would call if their dog went missing.

    Was she still there when you got home tonight?
  6. If you take her to a vet or shelter they can also see if she's been microchipped.
  7. I agree, I would see if she was micro chipped before keeping her. Maybe you can call the animal shelters and see if anyone was looking for a dog that has her same description.
  8. I'd do everything I could to return her back to her home but if she really IS homeless, I'd take her and see if she and the cat can get along.

    I'm a little superstitious when it comes to pets. I guess it's a Chinese thing but Chinese people believe that if dogs show up on your doorstep you should take them because they bring great wealth and prosperity.

    my neighbor in our condo had this very unfortunate looking mongrel for a pet for many years until it passed. the story goes that the dog chased her car for 8 blocks before she stopped and opened the door. as soon as the door opened, it jumped into her car. she became VERY wealthy after that. same thing happened to my grandfather who had a stray show up on his 5th floor BALCONY one night and it wouldn't leave for a week even though they didn't feed it. obviously, he became very well off too.

    whatever your choice is, i'm sure you put a lot of thought into it because you sound like a sweet person. happy holidays!
  9. Yes she was still there when we got home last night. My hubby and I talked and we really don't think we can keep her at this time. Our cat does not like her and vice versa. We have put signs up and hopefully someone will contact us, if not then we will take her to the Humane Society when they reopen after the holidays. Part of me feels like we should keep her. She is the spitting image of my dad's dog who died several months ago. That is the really weird part to this whole story. Unfortunately my dad is not ready for another dog. It has been a difficult decision. And the longer she is around the more attached we are getting to her and her to us. But we feel that her and our cat would not get along.
  10. I agree re: vet to see if there is a chip. What about an ad on petfinder.com that you found her? They are free. Also, you could do a local newspaper ad. Many times listing a found animal is free.

    As to the cat and dog not getting along, I think they will get used to it. Cats are very picky animals but they adjust. The dog is in a strange environment as well. My cat wanted nothing to do w/ my dog initially, for about a month. Now, they are best buddies and play all the time- and the cat is about 5 years old. If I were in your shoes and there was truly no owner after you've done all you can to find out, I would keep the dog. I would not be able to turn her over. But, that's just me. I think animals have a way of picking their people.
  11. Well my DH had decided to call animal control to come pick her up this morning and they were going to come out to get her and hold onto her for 5 days to see if she was claimed and then put her up for adoption. But then my DH calls me and says he had changed his mind and now he wants to keep her well at least hang on to her for a while and see what happens. We will be taking her to our vet to get her checked out and then we will be putting our cat and the dog together to see what happens. It may not be pretty at first but they could get along eventually. It scares me a little. I really feel this was a sign and we should keep her. If she was lost then why has no one put signs up near our house or driven around to try and find her. That is the part that bothers me. We feel like someone may have driven to our area and just dropped her off, which is horrible in my opinion, but people do it.
  12. If you lived in the NYC area, I would take the dog. I do hope the owners come and get it and not that it was left on purpose.
  13. you should do everything you can to find the owner (newspaper ad, call local shelters and vet's offices to see if they've heard about a missing dog, and have her checked for a microchip), somewhere out there there might be an owner who misses their dog terribly. If finding the owner is impossible, though, I'd keep her. She sounds like a sweet dog and she needs someone to take good care of her. :flowers:
  14. Yes we do want to find her owner if she does indeed have one. We have like 11 signs out with in like 5 miles of our house. And she is very sweet.
  15. ITA. Dogs can travel miles, so she may not live near your neighborhoods, but a few neighborhoods over a family could be terribly missing her and posting lost dog signs.
    Definitely take her to the vet and get her scanned. If you end up not finding her owners and can't keep her, please take her to an animal rescue that does not euthanize. If you end up keeping her I am sure over time she and your cat will adjust to each other eventually, atleast to the point where they can ignore each other.