What to do, what to do? Patent Elise

  1. I received the MJ Elise in black patent today from BG. And it obviously has been used. :censor: The lining has some small pen marks and some dirt. The buckle is scatched on the outside and one of the handles is peeling! uggggggg. I guesss this needs to go back but it pisses me off bc I really want this bag and this is the last chance I will have at it since they no longer make it. I don't care for the plain black leather one. This is a GREAT work bag, but for $1000.00 I want it new!

    Why would they try to resell this??????????:cursing:
  2. Ugh, imgg, I am so sorry this happened to you! I know when you snatched up the patent Elise, everyone was so happy a tpf-er got it!

    I personally think it is professionally irresponsible for BG to resell a bag for full price that is in such poor condition. However, I know that different people on the board probably have a different opinion on that topic.
    Either way, for a bag of that price, I am with you in saying that it should be the perfect bag! I'm so sorry you don't care for the regular leather Elise, because that would be a great alternative!

    Let us know what you decide, and if you want to post pics of the damage, maybe you'll get a better perspective??

    Again I'm so sorry you're disappointed! That really sucks!
  3. I am sorry to hear that, and I agree with marclover, it is totally irresponsible for BG to sell a bag that is so obviously used. It is one thing if you bought the bag on ebay, but to pay full price and expect a new bag, it is ridiculous that you would receive the bag in that condition. I would definitely return the bag, and complain to BG customer service. I know the patent Elise is hard to find, but hopefully one will pop up again somewhere. Sorry for the bad experience :sad:
  4. If you can live with the flaws, you could keep it and phone up BG customer service and demand 'compensation.' Worked for me with eluxury.
  5. ^ I agree, if the bag isn't in poor condition, call up customer service and demand that they compensate you or exchange your bag for a new one. I've had this happen to me before and my SA offered me the presale price for the next sale. I was able to repair my bag to brand new condition and still have some money left over after my refund. Good luck to you, let us know what happens!
  6. hey imgg - i thikn to spend so much on a bag it has to be pristine. or else you just cant love it wholeheartedly...

    if you dont like the black elise for the resort collection...maybe wait a while? who knows, marc may recycle!
  7. Thanks everyone...I'm going to call BG and see what they say. I really love this bag so maybe if they give me a discount I'll keep it, but the peeling part really bothers me! I'll keep you posted!
  8. Call BG and have them compensate you for this mishap, if you stand to live with the damage, if not just return the bag.
  9. doesnt NM just restock on their patent elise (black and white)? i may be wrong.... dont get too excited yet...
  10. Imgg, I'm sorry to hear that your Elise isn't perfect. Pen marks and dirt can be removed, I'm not sure if something can be done about the peeling handle. Before asking for compenation, I suggest calling a leather repair expert first. If it can be repaired, you can get a quote.

    With returns, I have noticed that some representatives don't inspect the items the customers bring back. It's too bad that their Return & Order departments didn't look over the condition before sending it out to the next customer. The original owner is horrible for returning a bag she's used already, it seems like she didn't take care of this Elise well; this type of buyers clearly abuse stores' flexible return/exchange policy, they shouldn't be allowed to exchange/return bags.

  11. Patent Elises are no longer made. I believe those Black Elises that showed up on NM/BG online sites are returns.
  12. I agree this buyer was a very bad :devil: for returning the bag in the condition it was in, unless they returned it bc of the handle. I could probably live with everything else if, compensated, but not sure about the peeling handle. Plus it grosses me out that someone else did not treat this bag kindly. I'm going out of town this week, but I will see what a repair shop can do about the handle when I return....or maybe I'll MJ directly and see what they recommend.

    Thanks for your help!!
  13. I called so they could document the damage since I won't be able to take into a repair shop for a while. The customer service agent wanted to offer me 10% discount, which doesn't seem like much. I told her I was going to take into a repair shop and get an estimate and she said to call back once I have it.
  14. Oh no... I'm sorry to hear about the bag... that really bites! 10% off doesn't sound nearly enough based on on the wear and tear you described. (I don't know what annoys me more... the fact the BG didn't inspect the item, or that the bag's original owner was so bad to her! :yucky: ) I hope you can get it restored/repaired or find another somewhere!