what to do what to do... can't decide!! (agenda vs. speedy)


what should i do?

  1. keep framboise agenda and just use it to the ground!

  2. exchange the agenda with a damier speedy 25!

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  1. so i had purchased my framboise agenda last week and i'm still happy just looking at it. the problem is, it's so pretty i'm scared to use it. it's still in the dust bag in its box inside the shopping bag. i figure since it's an agenda i should be able to rough it around but this thing is way too pretty and delicate to do so. so i thought about exchanging it with either mono or damier but they just look too "boring" for me. (sorry) especially to dish out all that much money (i would go for the koala) i'm hesitant if it's worth it.

    so then i'm thinking... should i just return the agenda and add more money and get a speedy? i already have mono 30 which i adore and i've always liked damier speedy since it came out so i would want it in damier 25. the price difference is there but i'm thinking maybe i'll make more use of it with a speedy than an agenda i have to be so paranoid to use?

    what do you think?!?!?!?
  2. I think I'd exchange the Agenda for the speedy

    I mean what's the use in spending all that money and then be afraid to use it?! :shame:
  3. If you would use the speedy more, go for it! I use my framboise ludlow and red vernis agenda all the time though, and they've held up well ... but that damier speedy is so cute. :biggrin:
  4. Get something you'll really use...go for the speedy!
  5. Get speedy ..
  6. How funny, this just happened to me and my husband. He bought the Taiga desk agenda. He kept it for a week but decided it was too expensive an item to toss around day to day. He said I could exchange it for something I wanted, so I got a speedy and paid the difference. Go for the speedy! Have you thought about buying a slightly used agenda for less, and then you could be rougher with it without the guilt and worry.
  7. i would get the speedy. :yes:
  8. That's a tough choice! I love both. :P

    Well, you have to bear in mind that the framboise vernis (oh, such gorgeous color! :love: ) would be discontinued soon but the damier speedy will be around. You won't want to regret exchanging it later, don't you? But if you are really too afraid to use it and there's no way to overcome your fear... lol... then exchange it and get the speedy which you will have more use. ;)
  9. speedy all the way!
  10. OK I have the frambroise vernis agenda as well...I have had mine for apx one month now.

    I have been so impressed about how it has held up! It looks EXACTLY the same way that it did when I first received it from Elux. At first I was nervous as well, but as time has passed I have come to learn how fabulous this agenda really is....in fact, I use mine as a wallet and an agenda:smile:

    Personally, I would not exchange the agenda for the Speedy...I would just buy the Speedy and keep the agenda:smile:
  11. Honestly, I'd prefer another bag over an accessory. Maybe it seems silly of me, but the value of accessories is always trumped by bags !!! :yes:
  12. I say go for the speedy, I adore mine!
  13. i voted for exchanging to a speedy. however, it depends on how much ya love the agenda. i would keep the agenda if i really loved it, regardless of whether i use it or not!
  14. sounds like you want a damier speedy GO THE DAMIER SPEEDY!!!
  15. Yeah, if that is personally a really big issue for you, then you might as well exchange it for the Damier Speedy. There isn't much point in keeping something that you will never use.