What to do? What do you ladies think?

  1. What to do, what to do?

    So as most of you know, I'm a recent H convert. I'm lusting over a certain bag-- which you can see in my signature.

    Now, my problem is, I have sitting in my closet a pile of Coach bags that were all used for less than 2 months apiece, in great condition, beautiful bags, but since I rolled over to LV-- I never use them!

    I've even got a coveted Crimson Signature Stripe set-- tote, beauty case, wristlet, scarf-- that's gorgeous and I love it, but now I don't wear it anymore. Haven't carried any of the items in well over 2 months.

    So, do I sell the unused Coach bags and add the money to my H fund? I'm just afraid one day I'll really regret selling them-- but since I'm not carrying them it just seems such a shame for them to sit in my closet! The Legacy Signature Shoulder bag is a $400 bag that you can't find anymore in that style, and I know I could get quite a bit for it, as well as the other Coach bags. The only one I couldn't bring myself to sell is my very first, that my mom and I bought together.

    What do you ladies think? Purge my closet or hang onto them? If I sell them all, the only bags I'll have left is one small black one and 3 LV's.... :confused1: :shrugs: :s But since the LV is all I carry now anyway....

    Heh, give me your thoughts, ladies! TIA! :flowers:
  2. I say sell them! That's what I did! I sold all my LV, Fendi & Gucci and put it towards my first Hermes bag! I haven't regretted it at all! I would rather have several Hermes bags that I adore and wear often than a ton that just sit in my closet and get worn occasionally! Of course if there is serious sentimental value then that is a different thing altogether! I still wear Chanel too! Kept all of those! Keep us posted!:yes:
  3. Sarah, many of us subscribe to the "less is more" policy when it comes to handbags. When you start wearing that Kelly of your dreams, most likely you'll turn your back on virtually all of your other bags. The question is whether you'd rather have that Kelly or a closet full of Coach and LV. If the answer is the Kelly, then building your Hermes fund by selling off the bags you aren't wearing seems to make good sense. The other part, of course, is deciding not to add any bags so that you can save for that Kelly.

    I started with a Kelly, too, and it took me a few years until I could buy a second Hermes bag. For me, it was worth the wait!
  4. My thought is, if you never use them, what good are they to you? I agree about the nostalgic piece (the one you mentioned getting with your Mom), keep that one but if these bags are just taking up space in your closet,let them go. If you are still unsure, try purging a little at a time, maybe one bag for now and see how you feel.

    Now, this is just my opinion, but I have a feeling if you end up getting the Kelly in your sig, you won't think twice about the pieces you let go.

    ETA: By the way, that Kelly will never go out of style. It will become one of your staple fashion pieces for YEARS to come.
  5. i agree with the ladies here. sell the ones you don't use. if any have sentimental value, keep! you'll love your hermes and not really miss the others!
  6. I say SELL!!! 1)You are helping the environment by recycling. 2)They are just taking up space if you don't use them. 3)You probably would only carry them now because you feel you should since you bought them... 4) More $$ for you rKelly fund!!
  7. there is a saying that once you go H you never go back. its so true.

    once you get your Kelly you will never think of the Coach bags
  8. Sell and get that Kelly. You will never look back!
  9. Sell them! I'm currently thinning out my own bags and the ones that I'm not in love with any more are going as there is no point in having them sitting the wardrobe. I'm toying with an idea of putting the money towars a HAC or something :yes:
  10. See, Coach was my first designer obsession :shame: We all gotta start somewhere, right? I really do think I'll feel good about purging them-- it's just so sad, looking at it-- I was so crazy about them when I got them! and I could sell TEN Coach bags and not have enough for a Kelly-- that's the REALLY sad part! LOL!
  11. sell.........sell............sell! I guarantee you won't regret it!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    put away anything you can towards that kelly...keep it in a jar so you can't use it by accident with your ATM card....but don't count it for several months. then do a quick tally - and you'll be shocked how much you've saved! it will make it very exciting to count down to when you are ready to go snap one up!!! And you may need until then to find the one you want most anyway. Happy Saving!!!!!
  12. sell them. I sold the most purses I dont use, except my very first white lambskin east and west lady dior(I'd never sell this). And I love it to look at a cleaner closet and to get rid of things I dont use. Out with the old, in with the new =)
  13. It's like boiling a frog.....it happens little by little and you don't even realize it until the Kelly bag is hanging on your arm!!!:rolleyes:
  14. I recommend that you sell everything that you aren't using and put your resources where you will be more happier.