What to do? Urgently need advice.

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  1. Good advice, or tell him you have a flaming case of herpes...that should keep him away.....far away!

    Seriously, what a loser.
  2. It sounds as if BOTH of these people are toxic. If I were you, I would phase out both of them as friends. Let them live their dysfunctional life without you. You deserve much better, mentally and emotionally healthy people as friends.
  3. Or not! He slept with some girl that he knew who had gonorrhea and hadn't been to a doctor! And my friend was going around talking about how nasty the girl was and I said to her what does that make your boyfriend (he was still her bf at the time)! He slept with the girl!
  4. ^^ ok seriously, this guy seems like he's not all there... avoid him like the plague!
  5. I wouldn't tell her. She has issues and would probably twist it in her head and blame you. him, I'd avoid saying anything to him either. its a lost cause.
  6. first of all, he's a jerk for doing this especially since there starting a family. be blunt and tell him how you feel and threaten him by saying if he doesn't stop that you'll tell her. but i would also just avoid be around them as much as possible to lessen the potential drama.
  7. Block his number from IMing you...block his username from sending you stuff through Facebook.

    I would also tell him under no uncertain terms that you ARE NOT interested and if this persists you will show your friend his messages, etc.

  8. Well I guess if you have every STD you arent scared right? Seriously you need to stay away, far away. I am sure your friend knows her husband is a pig. Some women just dont care or dont care enough about themselves. Run, dont walk away from this couple.
  9. I really don't want to cut off a relationship with her. She's been so good to me over the years. She helped throw my baby shower. Now she's pregnant and her mom is in jail. She has no female friends left because of umm....certain personality issues. I'd hate for her to go through her pregnancy and the birth of her first child alone.

    I sent her husband an email, telling him I was not interested, and I didn't even want to be friends with him anymore. I didn't threaten to tell my friend because unfortunately, that would not concern him in the least.
  10. I vote for telling him straight and if he does not stop, tell ur friend!
  11. ^^I agree with the above!
  12. i think you did the right thing - it is a difficult situation seeing as you want to stay friends with her. i would see to it that when you are round their house you always stay with other people so that he doesn't get a chance to talk to you alone, or better only go there when he isn't around.

    for the rest, you can block him etc so you don't have to talk to him. all the best with that.
  13. I usually never participate but a similar thing has happened to me. First off you need to block him out of your life and tell him you will kick his butt yourself if he doesnt leave you alone. Secondly, I would in no way tell the girlfriend. She is the type that beats up the other woman and will come to resent you for it no matter how much you claim you arent interested.
    I would maybe say you saw him flirting with other girls and tell her to think about leaving him but I would never mention he had any interest in you. It sounds like even if you confront her she will find a way to twist it around to make you look like the bad guy and that you probably couldnt resist her boyfriend. Good luck!
  14. Don't stop hanging out with your friend..just try as much as possible not to be around that pervert at all..and just ingore him as much as possible. I believe if you tell her what's going on..its going to make matters worse. She will find out eventually on her own what a douchebag her husband is. And you will be there to support her no matter what.
  15. Yeah, I agree w/ Roo. Try this.