What to do? Too many bags in the closet, feeling guilty. Help!


Mar 15, 2007
I need to purge, bag wise.
I'm starting to feel quilty about all of the bags that are just sitting in my closet, not getting used. They are there everyday, just staring me in the face. I suppose I could just put them away in another closet, but I can't erase that fact from my mind. Drugs, perhaps??? LOL!

I have fallen victim to too many "enticements" (aka great sale prices) and after being here for over a year and accumulating well over a dozen bags (for me - it's a lot, exact count is 16) I have gotten a better sense of what works and doesn't work for me. Thus, I need to scale back, ditch the purses that really don't work for me as well as others and use those purses that make the "cut", so to speak.

So - I suppose I can always sell on ebay, though I'm reluctant to do so...I can give bags away to friends/family, or I can donate them to charity. It's really not about the money, but it would be nice to get some $ back to assuage my guilt, I suppose. I just kinda feel bad that I spent all that money not using them as often as I should. Too many bags, not enough days.

So...my question is....anyone else feel this way?
Did you go through this issue when you started to collect/purchase purses here on tpf?
And what have you done to remedy your "situation"?

Thanks all for taking the time to read/assist........;)


when in doubt, shop!
May 9, 2008
I'm just starting my collection (have 6 bags to date) so any offer to increase that number would be most welcome. ;) But seriously, if you're feeling guilty about it perhaps you could organise an auction for charity and invite the locals to raise money for your favourite cause. That'll alleviate the guilt and you'll know that you've helped a lot of people, and cleared your overcrowded closet at the same time.
(The offer to donate them to me still stands!!) :P


I must confess......
May 4, 2008
Dcblam, I completely understand what you are talking about. A few times a year, I go through my bags and sell them off on Ebay. Unfortunately, what usually happens is I purchase a few new bags with my extra cash:yahoo:


Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
I totally feel the same way. Not too long ago, I sold a bunch of bags on ebay and still need to rehome 7 or 8. With all the new ebay changes, I don't think I'll go that route again. I was thinking of storing them in the basement or something so that I don't have to look at them every day!


Sep 28, 2006
I feel the exact same way- I've been meaning to do ebay, but it just keeps getting put off. The problem is that I still have more coming in . . . . and the closet's only so big AND we're moving soon. If I were you, ebay would still be my first choice unless I knew someone close to me had been eyeing a bag in particular- that way, it'll go to someone who really wants it AND you'll recoup some of the $.


More please!
Dec 1, 2006
I think it was Grechen that gave herself a challenge to wear a different bag every day til she rotated through all of them, and she posted photos of her daily bag choice on her thread. It was neat to see. :tup:
Maybe try something like that to help you evaluate which ones really aren't working for you, and maybe rediscover some old favorites?


Jun 12, 2007
I have too many bags in my closet. So occasionally, I go shopping in my own closet for a "new" bag and make an effort to wear one I haven't worn in a long time. For me, I get obsessed with a few bags and they take over my entire rotation, and the others sometimes get forgotten. But, I'm getting better at making an effort to use the others, since I still love them, but maybe have had them for longer.

I had a couple bags that I just didn't feel any more, and rehomed them. (i. e. asked my Mom if she wanted them!)


Chanel * Bal * LV
Jan 2, 2007
When I bought I always told myself will use it everyday but I ended up let them sleep in the closet. Anyway, I rotate bags quite often so each bag will be used once in a while.

I sold some bags but for too many I couldn't let them go.


Jul 20, 2007
Know exactly what you mean. When I first joined tPF, I did the first round of purging by selling some items on ebay, gave some away to friends/relatives/charity, and sold some thru ebay consignment stores like isoldit. While during this tPF high, have bought probably as many as you did (lost count:sweatdrop:). Some of them I adore, and probably will never sell, and I've realized that some of them won't work.

I am now on the 2nd round of purging. Like you, I don't trust ebay to sell my bags, and too afraid to deal with the scams. I am selling many thru my local consignment store. Even though I probably get less money, but it is better to get some $$ rather than it sitting in my closet unused/unappreciated.

The good thing that came out of this exercise is that I now have a better idea regarding what suited me and what not. Even though a lot of the bags are great deals/eye candies, they won't come thru my door because I know that I will never use them.

I say sell them thru consignment or one of these ebay consignment stores, even though you get less $$, but at least you do get some money back and reduce the clogging of your closet.
Jul 21, 2006
I binged, and have purged! I have had way too many purses in my closet as well, so about 2 weeks ago, I threw them all on the bed and listened to what they had to say, and after that, I made a little pile of what was going to go to my BFF, and another pile was comprised of what was going to consignment. I just can't do ebay. It's too stressful, but there is a cute consignment boutique that gets lots of customers near where I live, so that's where about 6 bags went that I loved a year ago, but don't love now.


Dreaming in Shoeland
Jul 19, 2007
I think it was Grechen that gave herself a challenge to wear a different bag every day til she rotated through all of them, and she posted photos of her daily bag choice on her thread. It was neat to see. :tup:
Maybe try something like that to help you evaluate which ones really aren't working for you, and maybe rediscover some old favorites?
Great idea:tup:


Mar 15, 2007
gang -
you're doing me WONDERS....great suggestion on the "Grechen thing", it will help me decide which ones to purge and keep the ideas coming, you're giving me all positive energy to get myself in gear!!!
Mar 17, 2007
hmm Maybe make an effort to wear every bag for a whole week and find out the kinks as well as what you love about it. I figure a week is a good time frame or maybe make it 2 weeks. Then I'd put all the bags you don't absolutely love into a pile and sell it or give it to friends. I'd feel good giving items you can't get much money on to friends. I definitely know about buying too many bags in such a short span. However I think it is a short lived phase. I have finally found what works for me and what doesn't, so I don't collect bags I don't absolutely love anymore. It's a learning/growing experience and I won't repeat past bad bag buys again. No more sale impulse purchases no matter how good the deal is! I've been good so far on the HH sale! I'm slowly cutting down.

It's good to reflect on bags you have as well as how many hours of torturous work it is to earn the bags! Plus maybe think about what other bag you have that could work and is similiar in color/style. How many bags does a girl really need?


Jul 31, 2006
dcblam, do it! You will feel so liberated!! Seriously. I recently sold off almost my entire collection. I just wanted to be less excessive, especially because it's not the bags that make me happy in life. So while I still love bags (and still spend lots of time on this site!), I have only one high-end bag, my black denim LV cabby, and will carry that until I get bored with it (which happens pretty quickly for me, I must admit). Before I buy a new bag I will have to sell the LV. As much as I wanted each of the bags I eventually sold, and had to scrimp and save in order to get them, now that I don't have them I don't miss them. I know they are getting more love and attention, and I love having more $ in my account.