What to do/to give myself for my B-day?!

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    I wonder if I should get anything at all for my birthday this year! As I said in my previous threads, I have ordered quite a few already and I need to ban myself from getting anything until these orders come in. But then there's this urge to bring back some orange boxes from the H store on my bday:smile: So what do you guys/girls normally do in a situation like me? Would you be naughty and get something anyway and put a huge dent on your cc, hoping for your friends or loved ones to give you a H vouchers, or delay the celebration until one year later when multiple boxes may arrive? :smile:

    I am hoping that my replacement Etriviere bag will come soon (it's been almost 2 full weeks) and I will pick it up right on my bday and consider it my own present. Isn't it sad? :smile: I am single at the moment and really wish someone had thought "H" of me... :sad:

    Anyway - just my blog from from gloomy London :smile:
  2. Well, I would never put a "huge dent" on a credit card, but I WOULD be naughty. :graucho:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel!
  3. Look at these small boxes of H - they were all gifts from myself in late 2008. Isn't it the sad? :sad:

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  4. Be naughty, ... but reasonable. A couple small boxes, picked after a relatively long-ish visit to your favourite H shop.
    And come on London isn't so gloomy!
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    it's not sad.

    be grateful that you can still afford anything H in times like this. be grateful that you still have the luxury of time and internet connection and computer to be able to even talk about H.

    enjoy being single. I know I do. :yes:

    EDIT: I would also like to add that I have fewer orange boxes than you.
  6. hmmm, consider all the previous orange boxes that you "gifted" yourself as "early b-day presents".

    You actually DID get a lot of H presents, they just came early.
  7. Great point of view allen! :tup: Its easier advice to give than to do. ;) . Atleast for me. But thats thats when Im thankful to have friends come in and remind me of what we have and just to look on the bright side.
  8. Yea but ALL my friends have opposed me being too addicted to H and it was coincidental that everytime they called in December I was always inside H store and some of them were laughing and some were even angry! So I am doubtful they will give me anything H this year.

    Hey do you know how long it would normally take for H to find bag replacement? They told me 3-4 weeks but I begin to wonder...... they have not been able to find my Etriviere replacement so far and they said they have tried every store around the world but got no response yet! Should I get a store credit and get things like Kelly Sellier 40?
  9. (hugs) to you....i don't think it's sad to have to give H to yourself.
    almost all my H gifts i've bought myself (and since i'm a SAHM, i've to sell some of my other things before i can fund my H addiction =P). the only exception was a surprise twilly that a lovely friend gave to me as my b'day gift (and it was not dh). i too think that we should feel very fortunate to be able to afford each and every H item we can afford/own:yes:

    i too wouldn't do the "CC debt dent", but why not get treat yourself to something H? even a little orange box will bring a big smile:biggrin:

    :hugs: to you again!
  10. ^^ Thanks Maria - Maybe I'll treat myself to a getaway somewhere where there is no H stores :smile:
  11. It really just depends on the inventory and production of your bag. How specific were you in the replacement? Did you want the exact bag that you had? That might make it more difficult.

    If you could get a store credit, that would be the best route. A 40 kelly sounds spectacular.:nuts:
  12. ^^ That's it - maybe that is my excuse this year. Exchanging my replacement bag with a new style and I'd consider it my bday present :smile: Though I have ordered Kelly Sellier I forgot, but was told Kelly Retourner might be available sooner.
  13. #13 Jan 14, 2009
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    ^^^ I like the way you think, very posiitve. Positive is good.

    I was going to write, don't be sad, at least you can treat yourself. There are many out there who are single and can't or married and can't. Let's look at the positives.

    I would go and buy a treat if that is what I wanted. I can't say I would max out my card but I would buy a treat. I don't think it's sad really. I was single and my mom would give me some cash and that was it. I never really got b-day gifts and now I'm married and I normally choose my own gift and just charge it to the hubby so don't think about it. Be happy you can afford to buy it for yourself. As for your friends, well not their business really, and ask yourself would they have given you an H voucher even if they didn't tease you about your addiction? Some people would just not think of giving an H voucher.

    London gloomy, can't be any worse than where I am for a variety of reasons I'm not going to go into. But it's very very cold here, think way below 0 at these numbers it doesn't matter C or F it's the same.

    Happy advance birthday with many more to come and remember when you have your health, you can always aquire H.
  14. ^^ Thanks Miss Margaux and all :smile:
  15. Happy Birthday! You don't have to crazy overboard with H gifts to yourself, maybe a few small gifts that you have carefully selected. Never go into debt for pretty things (I've been there and it's NOT fun)-- enjoy what you have... maybe place your favorite H items where they are visible and you are reminded of the gifts you already have and be thankful.