WHAT TO DO!??! Should I Buy a Spiaggia Gioco???

  1. So as many of you may already know, my collection has tripled in the past month. I currently own:

    Pirata Gioco
    Amore Gioco
    Spiaggia BV

    The other day, I went to return my Amore BV at Macy's only to find that they had a Spiaggia Gioco there with a pretty nice print placement and now I can't stop thinking about it!!!! I absolutely LOVE the Spiaggia print (I think it might just be my favorite) and I'm wondering if I should head back there and pick up the gioco even though I've barely even used my first gioco (amore gioco still in plastic baggy from macys.com)

    AHHH!!! What to do?!?!?! :confused1:
  2. Do you have pics of each? Maybe put them side by side :biggrin:
  3. I love my Spiaggia Gioco eventhough I have yet to use it. If the print placement is right, I am sure you won't regret it, since you really like the Spiaggia.
  4. If it's your perfect print placement I say ... get it! lol

    oh I hope it's still there when you go back tomorrow!! good luck!!
  5. I have one and I love it. So my vote is yes!:wlae:Get a good placement though!