what to do??? please help

  1. ok help please....

    I already have a lilac 2006 Balenciaga twiggy (that has been paid off a long time ago) and was thinking of selling it b/c i never use it and i'm thinking of getting the chanel jumbo violet caviar flap.

    do I need both?

    i do not have lots of money to spend so if i get the chanel i need to sell the Bbag


    should I just keep the bbag and not get the chanel?

    i'm posting this in both forums b/c just don't know what to do???:shrugs: i''m a total Bbag girl but ever since i got my Chanel cabas i have not used or looked at my bbags.

    I really do not like the twiggy when i carry it on my shoulder but i do like how it looks on the crook of my arm and then I really dont like the jumbo flap on my shoulder but I like how it looks when the chains are shorter and i carry it on the crook of my arm. also the jumbo flap is so classic which i love about it but then again i'm so much more a casual girl so i'm not sure if the jumbo flap will be something i can use all the time.

    oh what should I do???

    thanks ladies!!!!:love: :flowers:
  2. if you don't like the twiggy, get rid of it..
    i had some twiggies before, but never really use it because i don't feel it looks good on me. and i never regret my decision, i use the funds to buy another b-bags with style i like more.
  3. thanks seahorse.
    i know i should get rid of it to buy something else but i have a feeling that b/c i'm not dying for the chanel jumbo flap right now that maybe i don't really want it but it could be b/c if i had not had the lilac twiggy i would like it more. i just feel like they are both kinda the same but iknow not really. sorry too much rambling. just spending $1800(the price for the flap w/tax) for another chanel bag is a big deal to me b/c i'm poor right now:crybaby:
  4. Yes, if your not fond of the bag and sounds like your not since you've never used it. Then just sell it and buy a bag that your in :love: with. The Chanel Jumb flap is gorgeous!
  5. Or you can just sell and save the money till you find THE :heart:bag
  6. :yes:

    Might be totally wrong, but it seems to me that maybe you're not too crazy about ya twiggy, so why don't you sell it, and wait for another dream bag to come along, and you'll have cash readily available?

    Plus, if you sell your twiggy, you might be giving someone the chance to own their dream bag! Win-win situation :smile:
  7. Well if you never use it you should definitely sell it and get something that you will use! Plus, like Nymph said, I'm sure there are other people that want lilac twiggies and would love to have it! :yes: