What to do - Petit Noe Dilemma?


Jan 13, 2006
As you all know - I recently bought a gorgeous new Mono Petit Noe from Elux. But, I already had an Epi Petit Noe in Fawn. Now I'm thinking perhaps I made a mistake as I really don't *need* (and I use that term very loosely:P ) two very similar bags.

If you could only have one - which would you choose - Epi or Monogram? Thanks gals!
Epi! It must be Epi.

Btw, my SA told me that Noe is making a big comeback esp to young girls who just started their LV collection, its a hit in Australia rite now.
I wanna say Epi because its so easy to care for or lack there of compared to the mono.
But on that note I love my mono noe and i'm not into the Epi.