What to do - Petit Noe Dilemma?

  1. As you all know - I recently bought a gorgeous new Mono Petit Noe from Elux. But, I already had an Epi Petit Noe in Fawn. Now I'm thinking perhaps I made a mistake as I really don't *need* (and I use that term very loosely:p ) two very similar bags.

    If you could only have one - which would you choose - Epi or Monogram? Thanks gals!
  2. Epi! It must be Epi.

    Btw, my SA told me that Noe is making a big comeback esp to young girls who just started their LV collection, its a hit in Australia rite now.
  3. I love the epi
  4. i say epi. who wants to worry about vachetta?
  5. I wanna say Epi because its so easy to care for or lack there of compared to the mono.
    But on that note I love my mono noe and i'm not into the Epi.
  6. I like the Noe best in monogram. I'd love it even better in traditional damier! :smile:
  7. Keep that Fawn!
    I've been drooling over those lately and they are hard to find!
  8. If you have to let go of one, keep the epi.
  9. Monogram Noe
  10. Mono PN hands down!!!:yes:
  11. Mono...
  12. I love the mono best in this bag too!
  13. I like the mono better, but if you are a big fan of the fawn then I would keep that because it is discontinued.
  14. I vote for Epi - less vachetta to freak out about...
  15. Keep the Epi!