What to do - outlet dilema

  1. So I went to the outlet last week and got a white and whiskey ali only colors they had I was very happy.

    but today my friend wanted to go so I said sure why not.... they had black alis here is the catch my question....

    they held two one was perfect on sale for 216 the other was perfect in the leather but the turnlock broke, the manager gives it to me for 121 and I can have it sent out to get fixed as the problem is minor.

    What would you do?
    buy the 216 or the 121

    they held both until I decide tomorrow , help please!!!
  2. Hmmm I'm not sure... how much is it to fix the turnlock? and if you add in shipping is it still less than $216? if so then maybe go with that one... if its not worth the trouble and its more expensive in the end then go with the other one!!! :tup:
  3. If the problem can be fixed and you dont need it for awhile I would buy the 121 one. However, if you need it and cant wait for it to be fixed I would get the 216.
  4. i would definately get the one for 121 and have it fixed at coach for free!!!you will save almost 100 dollars, wow!!
  5. if you can take it in to be fixed for free then get the 121 one!!! I had a turn lock fixed on my shouder bag and it look about 6 weeks.
  6. Get the broken and have it fixed for free. Way cheaper than the $216.
  7. Get the broken ones and enjoy the other bags and when you get the black Ali then it will be exciting getting a new bag !
  8. As long as they don't sell it to you as a final sale (make sure to ask this) then I'd definitely get the cheaper one!! What a bargain!!
  9. 121!!!! It Is Easy To Fix A Turnlock
  10. 121 definitely! what a GREAT deal!! i would call coach before you go get it just to *make sure* they'll fix the turnlock if it's bought broken from the outlet, & make sure you have all the paperwork that you need with it.
  11. but if it says final sale they wont fix it.. make sure it DOESNT say final sale!!
  12. If you don't mind the waiting then go for the cheap one but make sure they fix it for free..

    I would get the $215 one though because I am quite impatient when it comes to coach purses :lol:
  13. thanks girls I went for the broken one, and they sent it in right away I only paid $20 for shipping got a great price, now the hard part

    waiting for it to get here....
  14. The best part is if they can't fix it they will give you the cost of the bag towards a new purchase, which is the retail and NOT the price you paid.

    Now, before anyone jumps on me for scamming Coach this happened to me with an umbrella I bought. Took it home and realized the umbrella wasn't connected to one of the spokes. When I sent it in (they waived the $20) it couldn't be fixed so they sent me a letter worth $88 when I only paid $39. Honestly, I was heartbroken since the umbrella was black and white scribble, GORGEOUS! However, when I asked a girl at the outlet they said the policy is the retail replacement cost and not the price I paid.

    I bought a few keychains with the letter.
  15. LOL... I agree. I actually try to get them to overnight/2-day for free and in the rare event they won't I say I will pay for it anyway. I am so impatient.