What to do on 7/4??

  1. Hi Girls -

    I will really love to do something dif w/ my bf (alone...lol) no kidz.... but Im just tired and bored of going to see the fireworks and/or dinner, what do you recomend to do or what would you like to do on this day???????? THX
  2. Maybe a movie?
    Or dinner & a movie? Just make sure they are open!

    Go out for a coffee?

    Go look around Barnes N Nobles? (IDK if open)

    Go out & get an ice cream?

    Do you live near a beach? Could go for a walk?

    That's all I can think of! Me & DH are remodeling our house! UGH!
  3. Thx much... unfortunally I do not live near the beach .... I WISH!!!!! ..... but def go for a walk & ICE CREAM:yahoo: