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  1. (Sorry for starting another thread)

    I returned an item from eBay (SNAD) to the US. Paypal closed the case yesterday as the tracking showed it hadn't been delivered yet. It's now showing as delivered, and I think I have 10 days to appeal the case with Paypal?
    Anyway, this morning I had an email saying the seller had sent me funds (the price I paid MINUS $50 for shipping, as she said she effectively gave me free shipping after our negotiations). I haven't accepted the transfer yet, but just wondering what I should do now?
    Shall I just reject her transfer and contact Paypal to try and get the case reopened? Or just accept the funds and lose the original shipping cost? Will Paypal reopen the case now she has tried to partially refund me (it was a separate transaction not a reversal)?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Ok, so I've spoken to Paypal and they've re-opened my case, and said that they'd need confirmation from the seller that she's received the item.

    However, she's now sent an additional $50 to cover the shipping, again in a separate transaction. Should I accept these funds or just wait for Paypal to sort it the proper way?
  3. If the seller refund you everything then you can accept the money and cancel the claim.
  4. I thought that, but then I went to accept the funds and they said I would be charged a recipients fee :sad: I'm trying to get them to just do it in the normal way now!
  5. Why you ask them to refund you the original payment that you sent them? You won't be charge any fee from paypal, the seller will have proof that they refunded you in full, a win-win situation for everyone. Good luck! :smile:
  6. Yep, that's what I'm trying to get the seller to do :yes::flowers:
  7. I would just accept the funds and close the case. That way your headache can end.