What to do next...advice please and thank you!

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  1. So... I recently noticed some wear around the zipper on my Palm Springs mini backpack. I purchased it brand new of May 2018. It appears that the canvas is peeling or bubbling where the zipper hits the lip when opening and closing the bag. My closest store is 3 hours away and the SA I purchased it from which I loved is not at LV anymore. I sent some pictures (see below) to the new SA helping me and they told me to send it in to them to access. I got the “normal wear and tear” line and they sent it back to me. I’ve since been told that this is a known defect for this bag. If I call the 1800 number they can see that I purchased it in store and try to send me to that store which not helpful because they told me normal wear and tear.

    What to do....thanks in advance for any input. Please zoom in on photos.

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  2. Just return to the store and speak with a store manager. If you believe that this is not normal wear and tear, you should pursue the issue.
  3. The canvas peelong is not normal wear and tear.
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  4. So UPDATE! just wanted to update and brag on LV’s customer service - I know it can be hit or miss but this time they took very good care of me. So I called the 1800 number and told the rep about what had happened with the bag and he instructed me to email pictures in so I did. So three days later I get a call from a store in California (I’m in Tennessee) and they said they are going to replace my Palm Springs with a new bag! So they emailed me an overnight shipping label and had me overnight my bag to them and as soon as they receive it they are going to overnight the new bag back to me. I was seriously stoked after being told normal wear and tear by another store. I’m glad that I pursued the matter further.

    Thanks for letting me share!
  5. That’s great news! Be sure to save any correspondence that will aid in getting your replacement bag in case there are any snafus.
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  6. Excellent outcome! Glad it worked out. I agree with the others, bubbling shouldn't be "normal wear and tear"
  7. Here’s my new mini!

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